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This article contains spoilers for Paper Girls season 1.

The Amazon Prime TV series Paper Girls season 1 ends on a cliffhanger: here’s everything we know about Paper Girls season 2. Based on the award-winning comic book series by Brian K. Vaughan, Cliff Chiang, and Matt Wilson, Paper Girls is a story of intergenerational conflict made possible through sophisticated time travel. The Amazon TV series sacrifices a lot of the (potentially expensive, VFX-heavy) story details from the comics to perfectly preserve the emotional flow, making Paper Girls a remarkable adaptation.

Marketing for Paper Girls had heavily riffed on Stranger Things, but in reality the comparisons are unfair. There’s a sense in which Paper Girls is in fact the antithesis to the hit Netflix show; rather than indulge in ’80s nostalgia, its four twelve-year-old stars are forced to evaluate their own time as well as the futures they visit, and they wind up realizing just how imperfect their world was, is, and always will be. The battle between the Old See and STF Underground feels very much like a rejection of nostalgia, as these “rebels” attempt to change the timeline to create a better tomorrow.

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Paper Girls season 1 ends on a climax that its creative team intend to be “Wikipedia-proof,” because they didn’t want viewers to simply be able to look up where the story goes next. That means there’s naturally intense excitement to see what comes next. But will Paper Girls season 2 become a reality?

Amazon is yet to officially confirm whether Paper Girls has been renewed for season 2, although the odds look good for the sci-fi/teen drama. Amazon’s rival Netflix has a reputation for canceling shows before they have a chance to shine, but Amazon is usually willing to give them more of a shot. Paper Girl‘s likely viewership will be a major factor in determining whether Paper Girls season 2 becomes a reality, but hopefully the fact it’s based on an award-winning comic book series means it will come with an inbuilt audience. While it’s true Amazon has recently shocked viewers by canceling Night Sky after just one season, this had a much bigger budget, meaning it would have needed much higher viewing figures to be profitable.

Hopefully, Amazon will green-light Paper Girls season 2 fairly quickly, given the main cast of Paper Girls will naturally continue to age. Should the show be renewed, production will likely proceed quite quickly; season 1 only took just over four months to film. Although long gaps between shows have become normal in the industry, Paper Girls is nowhere near as VFX-heavy as some of its competitors. That means it’s entirely possible Paper Girls season 2 could air by early 2023.

Paper Girls season 1 ended with a cliffhanger in which an apparent time loop was broken by the Prioress’ betrayal of the Old See, with the show’s four protagonists scattered through time. Mac and KJ have presumably been stranded in the future, allowing their budding romance to develop while they naturally try to figure out a way to treat Mac’s cancer. Meanwhile, Tiffany and KJ seem to be stuck in the 1970s. The Paper Girls comics essentially focused on the battle between predestination and free will, largely coming down on the side of predestination, but the TV series seems to be setting up a more optimistic path – even if the threat of the Old See does still loom over the girls.

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Amazon’s latest comic-book adaptation has actually wrapped up most of the story from its source material – and it’s headed in a very different direction, with the Paper Girls continuing their time travel adventures. While it’s true the four girls did explore the future a little in the comics, the premise has been switched up significantly, with Tiffany’s future self revealed to be key to the discovery of time travel. All this means even viewers who are intimately familiar with the Paper Girls comics will have to wait and see where things go next.

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