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Mayans M.C. season 5 has been confirmed by FX Entertainment, and here are all the details available so far. Mayans M.C. is a spinoff of the highly popular biker crime series, Sons of Anarchy, which starred Charlie Hunnam and ran for seven seasons on FX until the finale in 2014. The spinoff centers on the Santo Padre charter of the Mayans biker club, specifically following the relationship between members and brothers Ezekiel “EZ” Reyes (JD Pardo) and Angel (Clayton Cardenas).

Mayans M.C. premiered in September of 2018, with Kurt Sutter and Elgin James serving as co-creators and co-executive producers. The show is set within the same universe as Sons of Anarchy, including regular appearances by the previous show’s original cast. Setting the show in the fictional town of Santo Padre on the U.S. Mexico border has allowed Mayans M.C. to include storylines involving Mexican drug cartels, while also carrying over successful elements from Sons of Anarchy.

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Mayans M.C. began with EZ joining the club as a prospect after being released from jail, though the character and drama have evolved over four seasons. Mayans M.C. Season 4 set up a potentially explosive season 5 with a massive cliffhanger and even more changes in store for the Mayans. The Mayans M.C. season 4 finale aired on June 15 2022, leaving viewers hungry for news of season 5.

A special screening and panel with key stars and creatives of Mayans M.C. was held on Sunday at San Diego Comic-Con, where President of Original Programming for FX Entertainment Nick Grad confirmed that Mayans M.C. had been renewed for season 5. This may have appeared inevitable after the cliffhangers in the final episode of Mayans M.C. season 4, but confirmation of an additional season is welcome news for audiences waiting to see a continuation of the story. In addition to another season of Mayans M.C., co-creator Elgin James has signed a new multi-year deal with 20th Television, a division of Disney Television Studios.

It seems particularly likely that Pardo and Cardenas will return for season 5 of Mayans M.C., although details are still forthcoming. With Bishop landing in the position of vice president of the Santo Padre charter, Michael Irby can be expected to return as well. Unless there is a major jump in time or unexpected cast changes, Danny Pino, Sarah Bolger, Emilio Rivera, Carla Baratta, Vincent Vargas, and Edward James Olmos should also return. After his untimely demise in Mayans M.C. season 4, Richard Cabral is unlikely to return, with the possible exception of flashbacks. Additional Sons of Anarchy cast members may also show up in season 5.

In the June 14 season finale, EZ called upon a club rule to overthrow and replace Santo Padre’s sitting president, Marcus Alvarez (Emilio Rivera). After making the dark decision to murder his former girlfriend Gaby Castillo (Sulem Calderon), EZ’s story took a dark turn in the second half of Mayans M.C. season 4. Part of this path and his choice to step into the leadership role was his belief that the Mayans should start a business relationship with the drug queenpin Soledad, but this decision will be complicated by the fact that an unknown arsonist burned a warehouse containing a massive heroin supply. There will also likely be a war with the Sons of Anarchy after multiple conflicts in season 4.

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During the 2022 San Diego Comic-Con panel, it was revealed that the show would be officially returning for Season 5 in 2023. No official date for the first episode has been set yet, but past seasons may be an indication of a likely premiere date for season 5 of Mayans M.C. While the first two seasons began in September, seasons 3 and 4 both premiered in the spring. If Mayans M.C. season 5 continues this trend, new episodes as early as March 2023.

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