Everton Made The Signing Of James Tarkowski Official

Everton made the signing of James Tarkowski official, who arrives as a free agent afterending his contract at Burnley.

He joins until the summer of 2026, for four seasons. The experienced defender will fight for the ‘toffees’ to achieve a more comfortable finish in the 22-23 season.

James Tarkowski is now an Everton player. The former Burnley man, who was on Newcastle’s radar, joins the ‘Toffees’ as a free agent, a team who just about avoided relegation in the 2021/22 season. They now have a reinforcement until the 25/26 season.

The goal for the upcoming season will be to secure continuity in the top flight of English football without as many surprises. This is where the new man, who has plenty of experience in English football, comes in. In fact, he has never left and, given this new move, it does not look like he will do so, at least not soon.

“First signing of the summer”, reads the Everton’s Twitter caption announcing the player’s arrival. Fans were quick to welcome him online, where he received a hearty welcome. He is yet to be welcomed by Goodison Park and the fans out on the pitch.

But there is still time for that. First, Tarkowski must adapt to his new club where he will be asked to perform at the highest level. The first few weeks and preseason work will be key for him to acclimatize quickly and learn the tactics that he needs to. Once he is in his coach’s plans, he muist give 100%.

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