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Elden Ring Melina Cosplay Looks Just Like a FromSoftware Movie

An amazing Elden Ring cosplay transforms a talented fan into the game’s mysterious guide Melina. FromSoftware’s open-world fantasy epic sees players traverse the Lands Between on a quest to defeat demigod rulers and transcend to the throne of Elden Lord. Since the game’s launch fans have constructed some amazing Elden Ring cosplays, with a brand-new Melina recreation looking like an actual live-action FromSoftware movie.

After briefly exploring the Lands Between alone Elden Ring players are confronted by Melina, a mysterious cloaked woman who appears out of thin air. Melina offers to act as the Tarnished protagonist’s maiden, since they find themselves without guidance at the start of the game, so long as they take her to the Erdtree. Just like similar figures from previous FromSoftware titles like Dark Souls and Bloodborne, Melina is able to help Elden Ring players by leveling them up and offering advice. The character is not all that she appears, however, since Elden Ring lore and stories about Melina suggest that she is actually a demigod offspring of Lady Marika and Lord Radagon.

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Masterful cosplayer and Reddit user mercurygin recently shared an Elden Ring cosplay that transforms them into Melina. The ethereal ally’s clothing, including her dark cloak and Traveler’s Clothes outfit set, have been perfectly constructed by hand. The character’s distinct red hair, which marks her as a demigod descendant of Radagon, is also recreated using a realistic wig. Makeup completes the Melina cosplay by adding the maiden’s scarred and tattooed eye which mercurygin keeps closed to complete the illusion. The cosplay’s quality would fit flawless into a big-budget movie adaptation of Elden Ring, which is a testament to mercurygin’s creative skill.

Just as Melina was brought to life by mercurygin, a cosplayer named Sparrowhawk Cosplay recently created an amazing Elden Ring cosplay of Malenia. The relentless Goddess of Rot is widely considered to be the hardest boss in the open-world soulslike, with her intimidating and regal design inspiring many fan tributes and cosplays. Sparrowhawk Cosplay’s version of Malenia perfectly captures Malenia’s otherworldly design, including the Blade of Miquella’s prosthetic arm and iconic valkyrie helmet. FromSoftware has officially recognized this fan creation, which makes a perfect duo with Malenia’s supposed sister Melina.

Melina is one of the most important characters in Elden Ring, and the wandering maiden has now been brought to life by mercurygin. The cosplayer has completely transformed themselves into the iconic guide, right down to her damaged eye and dark cloak. Elden Ring has inspired many cosplayers since even before launch, and mercurygin’s Melina would fit right into a live-action movie adaptation of the FromSoftware epic.

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Elden Ring is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

Source: mercurygin/Reddit

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