Egypt: Muslim screaming ‘there is no god but Allah’ stabs two Christians for selling beer

Sharia apologists in the West routinely insist that Sharia only applies to Muslims, and that non-Muslims therefore need not be concerned about it. They are, of course, lying.

“In an urgent and exclusive video, the owner of a beer warehouse and his son were attacked in Al-Omraniyah,” translated from “بالفيديو عاجل وحصري ذبح صاحب مستودع بيره ونجله بالعمرانيه” Eldyar, July 27, 2022:

At dawn today, a young man from the warehouse area in Al-Omraniyah tried to slaughter Rami, the owner of the Abul Sphinx warehouse for alcoholic beverages, on Khatam Al-Morselin Street in Al-Omraniyah Al-Gharbiya.

According to eyewitnesses, the victim was in the shop with his son at dawn, and behold, a young man entered the warehouse, took out his knife, and attacked Rami, the owner of the warehouse, and chanted slogans “There is no god but Allah” during the attack on the warehouse owner and his son.

The people of Khatam Al-Morselin Street in Al-Omraniyah arrested the accused, handcuffed him, handed him over to the police, and transferred the victims to Maadi Hospital.

In an urgent video, an attempt to slaughter a Copt and his son, the owner of a beer depot in Al-Omraniyah.

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