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Dwayne Johnson Seemingly Teases Black Adam Will Have a Superman Cameo

Dwayne Johnson teases that Black Adam might have a Superman cameo after all. The DC Extended Universe is on the verge of finally introducing The Rock’s titular anti-hero. He’s been attached to play the character even before the DCEU began in 2013 with Man of Steel. And ever since Henry Cavill’s version of Superman was introduced, there has been a strong interest from fans to see the Kryptonian hero meet Dwayne Johnson’s DC character.

Black Adam’s DCEU debut was pushed back several years after plans for him to be the villain in Shazam! were shelved in favor of giving him a solo movie instead. Black Adam‘s upcoming release in 2022 is the culmination of that journey, one which will see the powerful DC anti-hero reawaken in the modern-day. It is not yet confirmed how the movie ties to the larger DCEU, although some connections to Shazam! are expected. Other DC heroes are confirmed to appear thanks to the Justice Society of America playing a prominent role.

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There is still a large contingent of DC fans who are holding out hope that Black Adam includes a surprise Superman cameo, too. Dwayne Johnson is now seemingly teasing that viewers will see the Man of Steel again in his DC movie. A fan recently responded to one of Johnson’s tweets and mentioned how he wanted to see Superman and Black Adam share the screen. The Rock responded with a fairly encouraging remark. Regarding a possible Superman cameo in Black Adam, the actor mentioned how he always listens to the fans, saying, “I hear you & I always got you.”

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The hopes of Henry Cavill’s Superman and Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam meeting in the upcoming movie have been around for years. Cavill and Johnson have posted several photos together during that time to get fans even more excited about the possibility. The fact that they both share the same agent (Johnson’s former wife) has also left fans encouraged that they’ll team up or fight eventually. However, Henry Cavill’s DCEU future as Superman has repeatedly been called into question at the same time.

If Black Adam does include a Superman cameo, it would seem that Henry Cavill will be the one to play him. Warner Bros. and DC Films have gotten around using Cavill to bring the Man of Steel to life recently, though. Shazam! included a faceless Superman cameo, while Superman’s silhouette in Peacemaker also did not require the Man of Steel star. Since WB and DC have multiple Superman projects in development, Black Adam could even be a place to debut a new Clark Kent actor. In any case, fans will know relatively soon whether or not Superman has a cameo in Black Adam.

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