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With recent movies like Encanto and Raya and the Last Dragon focusing on the importance of family over romance, it doesn’t mean they couldn’t be planning to deliver the next Disney couple soon. For instance, a live-action remake of The Little Mermaid is in the works, and it could provide new depth to the pairing of Ariel and Eric.

Disney has produced some of the most iconic couples in animation, and there are so many pairings to choose from. From the Pumpkin King to the son of a god, Reddit users have discussed among themselves who they feel is their favorite Disney couple and why.

User ClashRoyaler16 says it best ” Jack and Sally, simply meant to be.”  This statement reigns true for the Pumpkin King and the sweet rag doll. Though they had a bit of a slow beginning, they’ve shown a uniquely spooky true love. Sally had feelings for Jack for some time, but it took him a while to see what he had right in front of him.

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Jack realized he shared her feelings and the two started a beautiful relationship with a hauntingly sweet duet. Sally fought to try and protect Jack from harm, and he later saved her from Oogie Boogie. They balance each other out nicely and are considered an iconic couple in the goth community.

User MortyBFlying comments on Ariel and Eric’s devotion to each other and points out ” Eric tells Grimsby ‘I lost her once, I’m not going to lose her again.’ and then goes and fights Ursula to be with Ariel.”

Though some may think Ariel abandoned her family for a man she barely knew, that’s not the case. Ariel falls in love with humanity, and Eric shows some of the best characteristics of humanity. He’s brave, kind, and compassionate, he gives her a place in his palace despite just meeting her and not being able to understand her. Their marriage seems to remain steady and strong.

Reddit user LtCommanderCarter  says “Carl and Ellie.” The classic Disney/Pixar film Up is still considered one of the saddest animated movies ever. The heartwarming montage of Carl and Ellie’s journey from childhood friends to an old married couple to Carl at Ellie’s funeral is recognized by every Disney fan.

Carl remains devoted to his late wife throughout the years, reminiscing about her dream to make their house fly.  They grew up together, stayed together no matter what, and Carl continued to keep her memory alive after she was gone. Carl and Ellie are truly one of the best Disney couples to look up to. These two characters are soulmates.

User YoureNotAGenius states “Kristoff and Anna are pretty solid.” and they couldn’t be more right. He helps her find Elsa and save the kingdom just after meeting her. Though Anna thinks she’s meant to be with Hans, her feelings for Kristoff slowly grow over time.

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Their love is proven by the end of the first movie and the two are engaged by the end of Frozen II. Anna and Kristoff both have big hearts and are very compassionate people, this is part of what makes their relationship so strong, their awkward personalities compliment each other, and both care for Arendelle and everyone in it. Kristoff has no ulterior motives with Anna as Hans did, and the love they share is certainly real.

User audreyshepburn says “Aladdin and Jasmine, but it did kind of start in a lie. One could argue that the strength of their love and devotion to each other has been proven time and time again by their two sequels and their TV show, however.” and that couldn’t be more accurate

When the truth of Aladdin’s identity came out, Jasmine’s feelings didn’t change, and they had a lot more screen time than other classic couples to show their love. Jasmine wasn’t even searching for love when she met Aladdin, their chemistry came naturally, which proves how well they fit together.

User nerdytogether thinks Nani and David, from Lilo and Stitch, are the best, stating that “David and Nani are pretty solid. She told him not now and he not only backed off, but he stayed reliable as a friend to both Nani and Lilo.”

David staying as a friend to Nani shows that he cares for both her and Lilo, and has their best interests at heart. They do later get together but it’s never officially shown on screen. Nani always puts her little sister Lilo’s needs above her own, so letting herself fall for David was hard, but she does admit to liking him in her diary. They have a very sweet relationship and bring out different sides to each other.

Reddit user dontlookfortheredrue says Megara and Hercules are their number one couple, saying “Growing up, Megara and Hercules were a breath of fresh air. At least from her part it’s not insta-love, at least from her part it’s not ‘first guy wins’, and they both are willing to go the distance and make sacrifices for each other.”

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Megara certainly made the ultimate sacrifice, giving her life to save him, but Hercules risked it all to bring her back from the River Styx. Though she initially swore off love, his charm and sweet personality broke through her walls. They were so deep in love, that Hercules gives up his chances of being a god to live a mortal life with her.

User Adventurous_Yak_9234 is thinking the newest couple from Encanto are the best, saying, “Pepa and Felix. Even though she’s emotionally unstable he always helps try and understand her feelings and calm her down in a productive way. (unlike Alma barking at her “You have a cloud! or “Calm down!”)”.

They have a very endearing marriage, he truly does support her through her anxiety, and she has a great love for him. Their personalities are a case of opposites attracting but it results in a perfect fit. Felix is fun-loving and outgoing, while Pepa seems a bit more reserved at times due to her nervous nature. But their love for each other and their children truly bring out the best in them.

A deleted Reddit user says they think Tiana and Naveen have the best relationship, stating, “Towards the end, I feel like they both balance each other out and push each other to be better versions of themselves.”.

That is a perfect way to describe Tiana and Naveen’s relationship, something fans hope to see more of in the new Princess and the Frog series. Due to Tiana being hard-working and Naveen being far more carefree, they were not in love at first sight. In fact, they bickered often at the start. But that all changed during their time as frogs, and their true love was proven by breaking the curse with a kiss.

Many people put Rapunzel and Eugene at the top of the list, including user oree94 who says, “They have great chemistry, they’re equals in the relationship, they look after each other, and are a fantastic team when it comes to fighting.” This is also a very sweet relationship between the two characters.

Rapunzel was the first person Eugene confided in when he told her his real name, and Rapunzel shared her secret magical ability, showing the trust they had for each other. He also helps her achieve her dream of seeing the floating lights, though both of them find a new dream along the way. They have a truly solid relationship that’s built on trust and friendship.

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