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Daisy Jones & The Six TV Adaptation Can Beat The Best-Selling Book

Daisy Jones & The Six‘s upcoming adaptation is shaping up to be even better than the original best-selling fiction book. Prime Video is adapting an original show based on Taylor Jenkins Reid’s bestselling 2019 novel of the same name. The book continues to be on the tip of readers’ tongues partly thanks to blowing up on TikTok’s BookTok community. Regarding book film adaptations, most readers consider the novel the best version of the story, but with Daisy Jones & The Six, the book already has several key features that will lend themselves far better to a streaming adaptation.

Daisy Jones & The Six follows Daisy Jones and the band members of The Six. After appearing as The Six’s opening act, Daisy Jones joins the band. Together, they become one of the most legendary rock bands of the 1970s. Through mock interviews with a journalist, everyone involved details what went wrong to lead to the band breaking up at the height of their success. Riley Keough will lead the upcoming Prime Video series cast as Daisy Jones, Sam Claflin as The Six’s lead singer Billy Dunne, Suki Waterhouse as The Six’s keyboard player Karen Sirko, and Camila Morrone as Billy’s wife, Camila Dunne.

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As a book dedicated entirely to rock music, it’s impossible to hear the songs that make this band so iconic in its world. In the original book, Reid vividly describes each singing sequence by noting the style and emotion. Still, grasping the whole scene is challenging without hearing the music despite Reid including all the lyrics to the band’s “hit album” at the end of the book. In this way, the groundwork is there for the Daisy Jones & The Six TV finally put real music to the band’s lyrics, finally giving readers a chance to hear the songs entirely and ensuring the TV adaptation will beat the book in one crucial way.

Reid cites (via Hello Sunshine) Fleetwood Mac as the novel’s inspiration, partly due to the chaotic relationships between the bandmates and partly due to their music. The 1970s aesthetic of Daisy Jones & The Six‘s story will come to life on the screen, illustrating the outfits Reid describes in the book, combined with the lavish parties and vast crowds of the LA music scene. Like most shows featuring famous musicians, seeing it all on Daisy Jones & The Six will reveal how wild the lifestyle really is and give extra vividity to the book’s most iconic scenes.

One reason readers gravitate towards the book is its clever interview-style formatting. The story appears as a verbatim dialogue of the band members, music industry technicians, and friends. As a result, this formatting will translate perfectly, if not better, to the screen as an Amazon Prime documentary-style show featuring interviews with those involved. Visualizing who speaks will diminish some of the confusion that arises from the multitude of people telling the story in the original story, giving Prime Video’s Daisy Jones & The Six another leg up on its source material and ensuring it can be better than Reid’s best-selling book.

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