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Clever DCEU Theory Suggests Man Of Steel Is A Secret Green Lantern Origin

One clever DCEU theory speculates that Man of Steel will also serve as Green Lantern’s secret origin story in the franchise. 2013’s Man of Steel is more than just another Superman movie – it’s the film that started the DCEU, DC’s own shared movie universe. Though the DC franchise has featured a number of divisive movies and faced much criticism, Man of Steel is commonly regarded as one of its better offerings, thanks in no small part to Zack Snyder’s innovative reinterpretation of Superman.

Opting for a grittier tone that focuses more on the alien aspect of Superman’s own origin story, Man of Steel heavily featured elements of sci-fi. This led to the large-scale Battle of Metropolis, which ultimately ended with Superman killing Zod. The battle saw the forces of humanity attempting to resist the powerful Kryptonian threat using jets. Though these efforts were mostly shown to be in vain, Man of Steel took care to demonstrate humans using aircraft to combat Kryptonian enemies.

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One theory speculates that one of the pilots at the Battle of Metropolis was none other than Hal Jordan, better known as Green Lantern, and that Man of Steel may have secretly been the beginning of his DCEU origin story. By having normal humans standing up to a vastly more powerful alien threat, Man of Steel‘s story does leave room for Hal Jordan to have been present, thus creating the idea that the DCEU was setting up Green Lantern from the very start. What’s more, the Air Force is featured at numerous points during Man of Steel, and though Jordan isn’t expressly mentioned, there’s the potential for Green Lantern’s DCEU origin to run parallel to Superman’s.

Not only could Hal Jordan have been one of the pilots present for the Battle of Metropolis, but his heroism could also be the reason for his selection as a Green Lantern. Showing that he’s willing to combat a more powerful extraterrestrial enemy without any superhuman abilities proves that he possesses the qualities required of a Green Lantern. This means that the events of Man of Steel could serve as proof that Jordan is worthy of his place in the Green Lantern Corps.

Even though Man of Steel didn’t serve as Green Lantern’s DCEU debut, it did feature a reference to one of the hero’s supporting characters. One of the soldiers that Henry Cavill’s Superman meets is named Carrie Ferris, which is undoubtedly a nod to Carol Ferris, a love interest for Hal Jordan. The inclusion of this small Green Lantern reference hints that Jordan may well have been lurking somewhere behind Man of Steel‘s story, and that Green Lantern’s own DCEU origin links back to the franchise’s very beginning.

Whether or not this theory will prove true remains to be seen, as Zack Snyder’s original plan was not to use the character of Hal Jordan at all. Instead, John Stewart was considered to appear in Zack Snyder’s Justice League as Green Lantern, although Snyder’s exit from the franchise makes his initial plans moot. Should the DCEU introduce Hal Jordan as its first Green Lantern, tying his origin into Man of Steel‘s story would be a nice touch that would link two of DC’s most iconic heroes.

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