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Choujin X’s Long-Awaited Return Still Won’t Identify the Hero

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Choujin X chapter 25!

It’s been more than a month after mangaka Sui Ishida (Tokyo Ghoul) revealed what the title of his manga Choujin X actually meant and he’s still keeping the titular hero’s identity a secret.

Chapter 24 revealed that once every generation a superpowered being known as Choujin X is born. This choujin has the power to either deliver everyone from something (most likely bad) or to bring about great calamity. It is also said that those in the choujin world who aren’t X envy them and that this particular tale is about how everyone is swept into the life of Choujin X. At the time, the eponymous character could have either been the obvious protagonist Tokio or his jealous childhood friend Azuma. There was no clear answer.

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While chapter 25 drops a few hints about who Choujin X could be, it could still be either one of them. The latest installment opens with Tokio walking around the remains of their choujin home known as Yamato in ruins while a character who’s believed to be Azuma tells him that it’s all his fault. Then near the end of the chapter, Azuma confesses to Tokio without knowledge of Tokio’s own dream that he had a nightmare in the same setting except Tokio tells him that Azuma is to blame.

These dreams evoke the part of chapter 24’s prophecy that reveals how Choujin X is capable of bringing great calamity. In each of these both Tokio and Azuma are the perpetrators who herald destruction to their choujin home, positioning them both equally as contenders for the generational honor. That said, there is a moment at the end of chapter 25 when Azuma feels pitiable in comparison to Tokio and can’t help but want to be a hero with him. This elicits how this manga is ostensibly about the characters who are swept into Choujin X’s tale, and it’s clear here that Azuma is the one being swept. While that’s true, readers can’t forget that Azuma initially sweeps Tokio into the world of choujin in chapter one of the new manga. The two normal humans had just stumbled upon injections that could transform them into choujin. Only Azuma wanted to inject himself. Tokio originally rejected out of fear but eventually followed suit only because he didn’t want to lose Azuma as a friend. The next 20 or so chapters then proceeded to document all the ways in which Azuma influenced Tokio as a choujin even though, at the time, Azuma’s powers hadn’t even awakened. Once, Tokio’s initial reaction when asked what he wanted to use his powers as a choujin for was to serve Azuma. He couldn’t even think for himself.

As of now, both Tokio and Azuma have swept the other into their own life in some capacity, and each of them have dreamt about how they brought about the destruction of Yamato just like Choujin X could do. What’s so remarkable is that Sui Ishida’s employment of well-executed ambiguity qualifies both of them, though, it would be incredible if the character who wasn’t the obvious protagonist (Azuma) became the real hero as opposed to the guy who shares a portion of Ishida’s earlier and critically acclaimed Tokyo Ghoul.

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Choujin X is available now on Viz Media’s Shonen Jump app!

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