‘Bread Going Beyond Our Reach’—Nigerians Lament 47% Price Increase By Bakers

Many households in Nigeria are struggling to afford bread following the over 47 per cent increase in price by bread producers.

The Premium Breadmakers Association of Nigeria suspended its four-day warning strike which started on Thursday July 21, and agreed to increase the price of the product.

The producers are lamented a surge in the prices of their input.

Bakers in some states and Abuja pulled out of the action, but they chose a discretionary price hike.

In Nigeria’s capital, bread which sold for N170 per loaf rose to N250; a smaller loaf that sold between N130 and N140 is now N200.

But bakers had agreed that bread of N200 will now be sold for between N240 and N250, that of N500 will sell for N600, while that of N600 will go for N750.

Similarly,a loaf of bread that previously N700 will now go N880 and that of N800; between N980 and N1, 000.

Musa Aliyu, an Abuja peasant trader told NewsNGR that “Very soon, people like us may not be able to afford a loaf of bread. The prices are now very high and becoming unbearable for the average Nigerian household.

“Some of us who have children may start avoiding bread, because it is now for the rich.”

Inflation has eroded household income as consumer price index which measures Nigerian inflation rose by 18.6 per cent as of June, 2022, according to the National Bureau of Statistics.

Food prices went up by 20.6 per cent principally driven by bread. Oil, fat and cereals which are inputs used by bakers also influenced the surge in food inflation.

“It was shocking when I went to buy bread and discovered that N400 could no longer afford to buy tea and bread. I was told that Ya’ Amba bread that sold for N170 is now N250, so I’m left with N150 which cannot buy milk and Milo sachets,” said Emmanuel, an Abuja resident.

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