Boris Johnson touted as potential new NATO boss, told to ‘end Trumpish nonsense’ about staying on as prime minister

The catastrophic tenure of Boris Johnson as prime minister of Britain was characterized by his abject failure to govern. He was forced to resign in utter humiliation. Yet he still retains his lackeys, who are now cheering him on to pursue the prestigious job of managing the NATO alliance.

The disgraced Johnson would fit right in at NATO, given his globalist political ideology, but the stench of his reputation will follow him everywhere. 

Meanwhile, he’s being compared to Trump for wanting to stay on as prime minister.

The key difference between Boris Johnson and Trump is that Trump was and continues to be attacked by “progressives” who hate America viciously and relentlessly, while they protect the unforgivable among their own; in contrast, Boris Johnson did nothing to raise the ire of “progressives,” and disgraced himself all by himself.

“Boris Johnson is touted as potential new NATO boss after quitting No10 as he is told to abandon ‘Trumpish nonsense’ about staying on as prime minister because it’s ‘not going to happen,’” by David Wilcock, MailOnline, July 27, 2022:

Boris Johnson is being touted as a potential new boss of Nato after quitting No10 – amid warnings from Tories that he needs to stop encouraging a ‘Trumpish fantasy’ about staying in power.

Allies of the Prime Minister have suggested he could replace Jens Stoltenberg as secretary general of the military alliance when, as expected, the Norwegian steps down in September next year.

The lure of the high-profile post might be attractive to the PM, but he would need to quit as an MP to take it.

It comes as other supporters continue a grassroots campaign to allow him a chance to stay in No10.

Some 10,000 people claiming to be Tory members backing a petition calling for him to be allowed to enter the current leadership election.

No10 has insisted that he intends to leave office in September but Lord Cruddas, the Tory donor behind the campaign has said the PM is having second thoughts.

Mr Johnson has personally yet to publicly comment on the claim, first made in the Telegraph.

However his former ally Steve Baker said he must quell any desire to reverse his departure.

It came as a new poll showed 70 per cent of all voters think he was right to quit – though Tory voters are evenly split.

A second senior MP, Sir Charles Walker, has also suggested party members be stripped of their poower [sic] to decide who becomes the next PM.

Sir Charles, deputy chairman of the 1922 Committee, told the Guardian the idea was ‘well past its sell-by date’ after the Rishi Sunak/Liz Truss contest descended into bitter sniping on live television.

Former Brexit minister Mr Baker told HuffPo UK: ‘The idea the prime minister can continue now he’s resigned after the collapse of his government is risible. It’s not going to happen.

‘But the act of encouraging people to think it might really does risk the type of nonsense that Trump fomented in the US.

‘It’s not responsible, it’s not right and Boris should abandon this fantasy about continuing.

‘I too lament that his period as prime minister went badly wrong, but wishing it were otherwise is not a strategy. It’s time to move on.’…

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