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Batman's Greatest Skill is The One He Will NEVER Use in A Fight

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Batman: The Knight #6

The latest issue of Batman: The Knight confirms that one of Bruce Wayne’s greatest natural talents is one he’ll never use as the Caped Crusader. Continuing his training abroad in this new series with greater depth than ever before, Bruce Wayne and Minhkhoa Khan (aka Ghost-Maker) find their next mentor in this new issue. However, the skills they’ve come to learn are rather problematic for the future Dark Knight.

Previously in The Knight from Chip Zdarsky and Carmine Di Giandomenico, Bruce Wayne has learned several important skills necessary for his future crusade against Gotham’s criminals. Finding various teachers and mentors notable for being the best in their respective fields, Bruce has learned the arts of stealth, deduction, disguise, combat, and more. He’s also joined forces with Minhkhoa Khan (who’s currently going by the name Anton). While the future Ghost-Maker is also seeking to become a vigilante, it’s only because he wants to be seen as the best and for the art of the act itself (rather than a mission of vengeance like Bruce).

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Now, the new Batman: The Knight #6 sees Bruce and Minhkhoa meeting with Luka Jungo, “The Swiss Mark”. Despite his retirement and seeking a life of peace, the World’s Greatest Marksman agrees to teach the two young men how to shoot with the express purpose of using said skills to evade armed foes and disarm their opponents. However, the new issue reveals that Bruce is an incredibly gifted shot with immense natural talent, an ironic concept considering his hatred for guns after the murder of Batman’s parents Thomas and Martha Wayne.

Remarkably, it seems Bruce fears just how good he is at using guns. As such, it’s yet another reason why he has his line he doesn’t cross, the one rule where he refuses to kill (along with his distaste for firearms). With a gun, it’s far too easy to take a life and it would apparently be effortless for someone like Batman with all of his natural talent and skill. However, Batman’s one rule and refusal to kill ends up being what pushes Minhkhoa away. Despite their friendship, the future Ghost-Maker can’t understand why Bruce wouldn’t use his abilities to the fullest to become the greatest vigilante of all time (even if that means relying on lethal means to achieve justice).

At any rate, the fact that Batman is a super good marksman who impressed one of the greatest shots alive is as impressive as it is ironic. Likewise, the fact that it’s his least-used talent communicates volumes about the level of dedication he has to his crusade and the purpose behind it. Batman’s goal is to be above the criminals he fights at all times, being better than the one who shot his parents as a way to honor their life and legacy.

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