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Amazing Pokémon GO Encounter Gives Snorlax Bidoof Slippers

A Pokémon GO player has shared an adorable encounter between Snorlax and Bidoof, inspiring a fan to draw their own rendition of the encounter. Accidental encounters like this in Niantic’s mobile Pokémon title are popular, with glitches and bugs being responsible for many like Pokémon GO‘s Dialga suddenly spawning a child. However, Snorlax’s Bidoof “slippers” are more of an entertaining coincidence than a bug.

Although Bidoof is not particularly powerful and seems to be easy to catch, it is long-time popular Pokémon, albeit sometimes unfortunately deemed as not very useful compared to other Pokémon in GO especially. Snorlax, on the other hand, is rare and hard to find within Pokémon GO. Snorlax is sought out by players due to being a classic fan favorite and relatively powerful. Beyond that, Snorlax is often seen sleeping when it finally does spawn for players, providing the opportunity for very cute screenshots.

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A Pokémon GO fan has captured their own charming moment while Pokémon hunting. Pokemon Gems posted a picture of their Snorlax standing where two Bidoofs spawned side-by-side, making it seem like Snorlax has its very own pair of Bidoof slippers. … gained quite a bit of attention from other fans of the franchise and even inspired Twitter user MooberryMilk to quickly create equally adorable fan art of the encounter. The art not only features Snorlax yawning in its new Bidoof slippers but also sporting a sleeping cap to match.

The encounter and art are extremely fitting for the big sleepy Snorlax, regardless of how rare and powerful the Pokémon is. Before the Mega Update that happened earlier this year, Pokémon GO was notoriously difficult for casual players, but afterward, raids, levels, and evolutions made the title easier for casual players. Recently, Daily Adventure Incense became available in GO, which gives players daily opportunities to catch legendary Pokémon like Galarian Articuno and rare Pokémon like Snorlax. New legendary and rare Pokémon have been added recently as well, and there are still plenty more in the Pokédex that aren’t available to capture in Pokémon GO yet, so fans always have something to look forward to from Niantic.

Pokémon GO is ever-expanding and evolving to provide an entertaining and fresh experience for Pokémon fans outside of the normal console titles of the franchise. From cute moments caused by coincidences or glitches to using skills in order to catch and battle new Pokémon or participate in raids, there is always something new happening. Other than some extremely cute visuals from Snorlax, lately, Pokémon trainers have been focusing on capturing Arceus‘ Hisuian Braviary and Growlithe in Pokémon GO and capitalizing on the weekly Raid Hours, which feature some rare and powerful Pokémon.

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Source: Pokemon Gems/Twitter, MooberryMilk/Twitter

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