8 ways to make other guests wow you at parties

We all love to look unique and outstanding when we attend parties since weekends are for parties (called Owambe in Southwest Nigeria) in this part of the world.

As Nigerians are known to be the life of the party, everyone especially ladies love to look their best when it is party time. From the choice of shoes to beautiful dresses, to make-up that is sleek, to nice perfumes, and so on.

Looking for ways to make other guests wow you in your next party or Owanbe? This article is definitely your best bet as discussed in it are 8 ways to look outstanding and get wowed by other guests in your next party or Owanbe.

1. Wear a unique and uncommon perfume

To look outstanding and make other guests get wowed by you at your next Owambe or party, endeavour to put on a unique and uncommon perfume such that when you get into that party, people are compelled to find out who has that unique perfume that fills the air with an amazing fragrance.  

Always remember that when you smell nice, you are automatically more attractive and people tend to remember you.  

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2. Wear a catchy accessory that matches your outfit

Another way to make other guests wow you at your next Owanbe or party is to wear a catchy accessory, this goes for the ladies especially.   

Your earrings, necklaces, rings, wristwatches, wristbands and bracelets must be catchy and must match your outfit.   

Catchy accessories have a way of complementing your outfit and making you outstanding at any occasion.   

3. Sew a unique style

Whenever you are going to your next party or Owanbe, it is always beautiful when you sew a unique and uncommon style that suits your body shape.  

If there is a joint cloth or Aso  Ebi, you want to do well to give it to a nice fashion designer that can sew bespoke wear and something that aligns with current fashion trends and your body shape.  

 As a lady, there are basic style rules you should know as a lady.  

4. Wear a nice shoe

Your footwear determines your body carriage on any occasion, thus picking a nice shoe surely makes you look outstanding and get other guests wowed by you at your next party or Owanbe.   

For ladies, it is best you choose a shoe you can carry well, if you know you can’t carry a very high heel or stiletto, then look for other options that you are comfortable with that can still suit your outfit.   

 For guys, you can check out stylish shoes every man should have for different occasions.   

 5. Apply makeup

The use of make-up for your next Owanbe or party sure makes you get other guests wowed  as make ups make you more beautiful.  

In a bid to look outstanding, it is best you don’t put on excessive make-up as this will make you odd and attract wrong attention to you.  

Putting on simple and yet classy make-up is the best way to go in order to get other guests wowed and here are beauty hacks you check out in order to look outstanding.   

6. Get all needed items ready before the day of the party

According to the popular saying, anyone who fails to plan, plans to fail. Adequate preparation ahead of time helps in making you outstanding at your party because the chances of forgetting anything or rushing to get set for the party are greatly reduced.   

7. Style your hair

As our hair is our crown, getting it styled will surely make you wow other guests in your next party or Owanbe.   

As a guy, a visit to the barbing salon a day before the event will give you a new and fresh look and as ladies, you can either restyle your hair or make a new hairdo entirely for the occasion.   

8. Get a third party to assess you

After all is said and done, an assessment from a third party is a good way to seal everything up.  

 After you’re done with your dressing for the event, you can get someone to give a sincere assessment of your dressing. After which you’re good to go.  

In all, being moderate should be key and dressing outstandingly doesn’t mean you have to expose your body.  

 I know that you are uniquely and beautifully created, thus following the things discussed above will surely make you look outstanding and get other guests wowed in your next party.


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