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3 Health Supplements You May Want To Consider Trying

Make your well-being a priority this summer, and supplement as a tool to achieve your health goals. Here are three of the best supplements that you should consider trying over the summer.

1. Fiber

Getting a regular amount of fiber in your diet is essential to your gut health. Optimizing your digestive function with fiber can spare you from discomfort, and it’s particularly important for fully utilizing the nutritional content in the other foods and supplements that you have. Without fiber, a lagging digestive process is likely to result in the formation of buildup in your digestive tract. This lining can interfere with enzymatic activity and also lead to the formation of an unhealthy or possibly destructive biofilm in your gut. Keeping your digestion regular can also deter weight gain by facilitating the digestive processes that break down fats and supply your body with energy.

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In addition to choosing healthy foods that are good sources of natural fiber, you should also take a supplement to even out your intake over the course of a week and ensure that you are hitting your core requirements consistently. Fiber supplements are one of the best proactive strategies to manage chronic constipation. For episodic constipation, it’s best to take extra fiber and a stool softener rather than a laxative that contains stimulants. This type of remedy may actually worsen discomfort because it can aggravate intestinal inflammation. Ultimately, fiber supplements and water should always be your go-to digestive remedy.

2. Protein

Keeping a lean body weight while also reaching new strength training benchmarks requires steadfast attention to your total intake of calories and protein. When you’re looking to add muscle mass or get your muscles more toned, you have to get ample servings of protein without exceeding caloric limits. A meal replacement protein powder that contains high-quality ingredients can supply you with the raw materials that you need for repairing and toning muscles. You can mix a powder with juices, fruits, and other supplements.

3. Zinc

When you’re doing fun stuff during the warmest months of the year, you may not be giving much thought to the possibility of getting sick. You’re busy having fun. Moreover, the end of summer typically marks the start of flu season and ushers in all of the other parts of winter drudgery that aren’t so fun. However, you mustn’t let your guard down about immune health while temperatures are warm. You’re likely to be out and about more, so you may have an increased risk of exposure to coming into contact with a virus.

Taking an immunity supplement that contains zinc is an excellent way to fortify immune health. This essential mineral can boost the fighting power of the cells in your body that fend off viruses and bacteria while also making it harder for the enemy cells to replicate themselves.

Another great summertime benefit of a zinc supplement is that it safeguards skin health. When the weather is sunny and muggy, you’re probably going to be sweating more. Increased production of sebum and getting drenched in salt can irritate your skin. Resultantly, you may experience a greater incidence of acne or redness. Also, sweating a lot can dry out your skin and make it more vulnerable to sun damage. Taking a zinc supplement is like giving your skin a protective armor against acne and common signs of aging. When you’re showing more skin this summer, zinc can help you look your best.

Investing in your self-care and wellness this summer will make you feel like you made the most of the season. Supplements are an almost effortless way to maximize all of the hard work that you put into staying healthy.

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