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13 tips to optimize your Upwork and Fiverr profile to earn $100 a week

When you search the internet, it is littered with stories of people who milk their way to dollars. Some do that as a way of earning passive income; offering their services to clients who need them.

You may be asking how is that possible.

Well, some build their social media platforms to become brands that attract clients, others go through the outbound marketing route, while some others use freelance platforms like Upwork and Fiverr and so many other ways.

However, there are things you must do, and these 13 tips for optimizing your Upwork and Fiverr profile will help you hit at least $100 in 7 days.

1. Structure your Bio: You can’t desire or be making or earning $100 in 7 days and have a “structureless” bio. Your bio should make clients respond to your proposal and desire your services. Look at your Bio…if you see a profile whose Bio is like yours, will you be willing to work with the person?

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Here’s a framework you can follow for your Upwork bio, according to Jake Victor.

  • Call out the prospect
  • Identify their problem
  • Hint at a solution
  • Introduce yourself
  • Explain how you’ll help them solve the problem
  • Add testimonials if you have them
  • Include your CTA (Call to Action)

2. Put a good picture: Let your profile picture be genuine. Please, don’t use pictures that you look unserious. Let your picture focus on your face with good image quality.

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3. Hourly Rate: This might look like the most vital to many. Well, I’ll advise you to start at a rate that won’t make you look “cheap” and at the same time “too expensive.” You can have it at $40/hr. But no matter the rate you settle for, have reasons why that is your rate.

4. Use a good title: Your title should be unique. e.g Direct response email copywriter for 6 and 7-figure fashion brands.

5. Have a video: Many people don’t like doing this. Maybe because they are uncomfortable having a video of themselves on the internet.

Believe me, making a video on Upwork will make the client feel comfortable as if they already know you. Before hopping on a call with you, they already have a sense of familiarity with you and this will take them one step closer in their head to hiring you.

You don’t need a sophisticated digital camera or phone to do this. Talk with confidence, sound professional but not rude. Introduce yourself, list your skills, and the value you bring to your clients.

6. Overview: When writing your Overview, show your clients you’re the right person but don’t sound desperate. Describe your strength, skills, accomplishments, etc.

Also, when writing your overview, it’s pivotal you target the right audience. It’s wrong to list all you’ve done. e.g Footballer, Copywriter, Security Man, etc. List those necessary in the field you want to get hired.

Nobody wants to hire a jack for all trade.

7. SEO Strategy: Don’t forget that many other people want to attract the same client you want. So, make your profile filled with keywords that will help get you noticed and keep you on top.

These keywords are words that surround your skill. For instance, if you’re a copywriter, use words like email marketing, Facebook ads copy, Video Sales Letter (V.S.L), etc.

8. Creative Username: When choosing a username on Fiverr, don’t use any name just for the sake of it. Remember, your username can’t be changed. Use usernames like “YourContentPlug,” “HeartToHeartWriter,” etc, if you offer services like content writing or you can use your name as the Username of your name.

9. Link your Social Media Accounts: When your Fiverr profile has the link to your social media account (active) it proves that you’re a real person and not a robot. It deepens the trust the buyer will have in you.

10. Profile Description: Your profile description on Fiverr should be purely about yourself. This is not the place to name the number of skills you have.

11. Portfolio: Show prospective clients that you’re not a novice. This is where you display the work you’ve done before. Don’t display your works that were poorly done. If it is only one work that is good, display only that one.

12. Certification: This is when you share your internal or external achievements. It’s a plus if you learned some additional skills. It shows your dedication and commitment to learning new things.

13. Testimonials: Your testimonials mustn’t be from jobs done on Upwork or Fiverr alone. Even testimonials done for clients, not on these platforms can be imported.

In conclusion, to earn $100 in 7 days, you should have social proof that you’re good at what you do.

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