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The Batman was released earlier this year and it has received a great amount of praise from audiences. And even though the film isn’t one year old yet, there’s already a long line of toys related to this movie. Figures related to The Batman can be found in nearly every retail store, along with other Batman-related toys.

Batman action figures have been around for generations. As their quality improves as time goes by, some are known to be better than the rest. These figures are seen as some of the best toys that represent The Caped Crusader.

The figure looks like everyone’s average Batman, with his well-known grey and black costume. What makes this figure unique is that it comes with a miniature wrist rocket that can fire a toy missile or a hook tied to a string. Batman could then hook himself to the string and zipline from it.

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What makes this toy fun is that this zipline gadget does seem like something the real Batman would use. And the zipline isn’t for show, the toy can actually slide down from it. Even without the zipline, the toy looks great in the classic Batman costume that fans know and love.

The Batman in this multi-pack is modeled after The Batman Who Laughs, a character ranked as Batman’s most powerful enemy. Along with this figure are three Rabid Robins. All three can be hooked to a chain and the chain can be held by The Batman Who Laughs. This figure also comes with two bladed weapons.

This figure looks terrifying whether it’s by itself, holding the blades, or holding the chained Robins and it features a great amount of detail. The mask, metal buckles, and big red smile make it look as if it came straight out of the comic book. One issue this figure has is that the arms can’t go straight up because the shoulder pads are in the way.

This is a build-a-figure that can only be made by assembling its four separate pieces together, each found in a different action figure. Once all the pieces are together, it creates a figure that resembles the Joker-Bot from the Futures End comic series – a character that has the personality of Batman, Joker, and the villain, Brother Eye.

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This figure looks extremely menacing with its metal wings, gun hand, and reversible head. When looked up close, one can see all the wires and tubes sculpted into the figure, helping to make the toy look as mechanical as possible. The wings are also well made and can fold in and out to whichever position is desired.

This two-pack contains Batman and Joker from the Batman: Arkham Asylum video game, a game that contains some of the hardest challenge maps in the Batman: Arkham series. Each figure comes with its own accessories. Batman comes with two batarangs, a smoke bomb, and a grapnel gun and The Joker has a pistol and two chattering teeth.

Of course, one great thing about these figures is how accurate their costumes and gadgets look to their video game counterparts. One of their most noticeable features is their paint job. They’re both covered in Joker’s green toxin, mainly on their fists and faces. This shows just how messy a fist fight between them can become. Batman is also covered in dirt, showing how much effort it takes to beat the Joker.

Not only is Batman Returns one of the best movies of 1992 but it also inspired some amazing figures. It comes with a wide array of weapons and accessories, including a batarang, a grapple gun, two napalm packets, and a line launcher. It even includes a broken cowl that can be used with the Bruce Wayne head.

The head sculptures are so well made that there’s no mistaking that they’re Michael Keaton. The costume also looks like it came straight from the film and the accessories are accurate replicas of what Batman used in the film. The broken cowl is a nice inclusion because it can be used to recreate what Batman looked like in the film’s climactic ending.

Hot Toys did a great job in making this Adam West-style Batman figure, considering how close the face resembles the late, great actor. The fact that the costume is made from fabric rather than plastic gives it a more life-like appearance. The figure comes with interchangeable hands, alternate faces, a batarang, a bat-radio, a giant bomb, and shark repellent spray.

The props are what make the figure especially great. They’re all replicas of items that were used in the 1966 Batman series and it’s a good reminder of how campy the show was. The figure even has a pair of hands that can recreate The Batsuni, a dance that was created by the 1966 show. No other batman figure can make such a pose.

This figure is based on the Batman Beyond skin from Batman: Arkham Knight. Included with the figure are multiple gadgets that are used in the Batman: Arkham Knight video game such as explosive gel, a freeze grenade, three batarangs (one in the Batman Beyond design), and a grapnel gun that can be converted into a remote electrical charge gun.

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What makes this figure amazing is the amount of detail placed into it. The armor plating and the straps holding them look extremely realistic. There are small scratches placed around the figure to make it look like battle damage, adding another layer of realism to it. There are also two mouth plates, giving people the chance to pick the one they personally like.

This figure was designed to look like Batman from The Dark Knight Returns comic series. It has multiple interchangeable hands, an alternate head, a pistol with a holster, a rifle, a grappling hook, and a removable utility belt. Lastly, the figure uses both plastic and cloth, giving it a slightly more realistic look.

The accessories for this figure are one of its best features. All these items were used by Batman in The Dark Knight Returns comics and they can be used to make great poses for the figure. This figure became so popular with fans that it was re-released five different times, each one in a slightly different design.

The Dark Knight Rises is arguably one of Christian Bale’s best movies and it led to the creation of this great figure. It’s a mirror image of the Batman costume worn in the film and it comes with many recognizable gadgets such as a grapnel gun, three batarangs, two mini mines, a sticky bomb gun, and a LED light-up EMP rifle.

The inclusion of LED lights is what makes this figure unique and stand out from the rest. There are also LED lights in the eyes. When turned on, it recreates the Bat-sonar lenses that Batman used in The Dark Knight. The figure even comes with four different mouthpieces, giving the figure a wider range of expressions to make.

Making its way to the top of the list is a figure based on Batman: The Animated Series. This figure perfectly resembles the Batman that so many watched on TV and it comes with a unique line of accessories. It comes with the typical batarang and grapnel gun, but it also has a gas mask, goggles, a remote, a knife, a baseball bat, and a couple of guns.

This is the best figure because there are so many ways a person can modify it. It comes with seven different facial expressions and a variety of different capes to choose from. This is a rare occurrence since most Batman figures only come with one head and cape. Lastly, not only does it have items for Batman to use, but weapons that his enemies can use against him.

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