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10 2010s Comedies That Need Sequels, According To Reddit

Hollywood currently has a huge case of sequelitis, and the most recent property to get a follow-up is Hocus Pocus, as the sequel will be available to stream on Disney+ in October. Whether a sequel follows the original movie by one year or 20, fans can expect follow-ups to their favorite movies at some point down the line.

The Halloween-based movie isn’t the only comedy that Redditors want to see, as users have been quick to talk about the 2010s comedy sequels they think should enter production first. Between a couple of mockumentaries, criminally overlooked cult movies, and some huge hits, there’s so much greatness that’s just been shelved.

The Other Guys is one of the most surprising great comedies of the 2010s, as nobody knew just how great Mark Wahlberg’s comedy timing was until the 2010 film. And the dubious duo of him and Will Ferrell made for an unlikely hit. EIMatasiete7 wants to see a sequel to the Adam McKay-directed action comedy. The Redditor comments, “A sequel would totally make sense given the current political/economic climate. Ferrell and Wahlberg had so much chemistry, and it needs to be explored more.”

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The actors went on to star in Daddy’s Home and its sequel together, so it isn’t like there’s a lack of content from them, but the Daddy’s Home movies don’t quite hit in the same way that The Other Guys does, and they don’t feature the sharp comedy directing from McKay either.

Bridesmaids was a huge hit in 2011, and it was a rare comedy that received multiple Oscar nominations, which is a massive feat for films of the genre. It comes as a shock that Bridesmaids never earned a sequel despite having so much potential, and it’s almost like Universal was leaving so much money on the table given that the 2011 movie made almost 10 times its budget.

Junkyardpig wants to see a sequel more than anyone, noting, “You’d think they’d have given a sequel a shot for this. Simple enough follow up, another marriage, etc. The cast is so good I think it would likely work.” In the movie, Becca was engaged, so the sequel could have revolved around her wedding, but it might have risked falling into the Hangover trap of being too similar to the original.

Director Paul Feig might be best known now for 2016’s Ghostbusters reboot, which was criticized and panned to no end, but the director doesn’t get the credit he deserves for making some of the best comedies of the 2010s. Along with Bridesmaids, the filmmaker also directed the criminally underrated The Heat, which follows an FBI agent and local detective team up to take down a mobster.

Biiirdmaaan thinks the movie deserves a sequel, positing, “I do want Bullock and McCarthy to team up for something again. They’re a quality comedy duo and it would be a shame for them to not work together again.” When it comes to odd couple-like buddy-cop duos, Sarah (Sandra Bullock) and Shannon (Melissa McCarthy) totally deserve to be in the conversation.

Though it isn’t technically a Lonely Island movie, as fans would love nothing more than a feature-length project from the fictional comedy rap band, Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping is the closest it gets. The film is a mockumentary about a singer of a boy band who goes solo, and it’s a classic that deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as This Is Spinal Tap.

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Djnicko wants to see some kind of return to the musical comedy genre from the trio of Jorma Taccone, Andy Samberg, and Akiva Schaffer. The Redditor explains, “I don’t know if I need or want a sequel, but damn do I want them to be in charge of more comedy films in the future.” However, even though it has been six years since the film, there’s still hope yet, as Schaffer has mentioned that he’d never say never to Popstar 2.

Game Night was a sleeper hit when it was released in 2018, so it wasn’t massive, but it was successful enough. However, it is constantly talked about amongst cinephiles in some pockets of the internet, most notably on Reddit. The film is a favorite amongst Redditors, including, AlexSniff7, who explains, “I would love nothing more than a sequel to this film.”

It’s hard to imagine how a sequel would work, as the standalone comedy about a group of suburbanites who get caught up in a criminal underworld is succinctly wrapped up with a happy ending. But the characters and world are too interesting to leave the property alone, and there could be some way to force the group into over-the-top circumstances one more time.

While Batman movies tend to be inherently dark and gritty, The LEGO Batman Movie is surprisingly light, and, more interestingly, it makes light of the Batman franchise. The story pokes fun at the character, whether it’s his loneliness, his place in the Justice League, or his relationship with the Joker. After hearing about the screenplay for the potential sequel, The_Dark_Soldier wants more of that self-aware comedy.

Dan Harmon had written the screenplay for a sequel, which apparently had the same format as The Godfather Part II (meaning that it’d be both a prequel and a sequel) and focused on the Justice League. The Redditor adds, “That sounds like a better Justice League movie than the actual live-action Justice League movies we’ve gotten.”

What We Do in the Shadows is another brilliant mockumentary, only the 2014 movie is even more interesting given its supernatural elements. The movie is about a group of roommates who happen to be vampires, and it follows them doing everything from household chores to chasing down virgins. WendysNO1wcheese thinks a sequel could be great, noting, “The first one had no real plot, so it was really the jokes that made it great. These guys are funny, and I believe will be able to accomplish the same feat.”

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Director Taika Waititi has been working on a sequel to the vampire mockumentary for years, and it has the working title We’re Wolves, which will focus more on the werewolves that appeared in the first film. However, given that the TV series adaptation is so successful right now, being four seasons in and constantly growing in popularity, it’s hard to see the sequel going into production any time soon. The film could confuse viewers, especially given that it sounds more like a spin-off.

Where most comedy sequels that Redditors want to see are straight-up comedies, The Nice Guys is more of an amalgam of genres. The 2016 movie is a comedy, but it’s also a period mystery action movie that’ll make viewers feel like master detectives. The film takes place in the 1970s and follows two private eyes reluctantly working together to solve a missing person case.

The movie’s ending hinted at a sequel, as the two P.I. set aside their differences and started a company together, teasing more outlandish adventures. NietzscheRessurected wants a sequel more than anyone else, positing, “In these times where we keep seeing sequels of so many crappy movies, there has to be a Nice Guys Part 2.” Unfortunately, given that the movie bombed at the box office, it’s unlikely that a follow-up will ever happen.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood isn’t a straight-up sequel either, as it features all the typical flares that come with a Quentin Tarantino movie. However, it is by far the funniest Tarantino-directed film, and between the Cliff Booth and Bruce Lee fight scene and Rick doing a screen test for The Great Escape, it’s full of laugh-out-loud sequences. Even the shocking final act is an absolute masterclass in comedy violence.

MeigsGrandson speculates what could happen if there was a Hollywood 2. The Redditor has an interesting elevator pitch, “I could definitely see Rick Dalton’s career following that of Richard Harris (Blood Debts) and later Cameron Mitchell.” Given that it’s one of the few Tarantino movies where everyone actually survives, the director may as well capitalize on that while he can.

Jason Sudeikis made a huge splash in the 2010s with over-the-top R-rated comedies, and We’re the Millers is one of the most unique that has remained popular since its release. The movie follows a group of criminals who pretend to be a wholesome, happy family in order to smuggle drugs across the United States. The film ends with the criminals actually becoming a real family in witness protection, and a deleted user thinks that’s a perfect jumping-off point for We’re the Millers 2.

The Redditor explains, “The ending sets up perfectly for a sequel. Being in witness protection and still pretending to be this perfect little family. The drug kingpins find out where they are and they have to go on the run.” It’s the only logical way a sequel can happen, and given that the original is bordering on 10 years old, it could make for a great legacy sequel.

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