Jurgen Klopp Considers Mane To Be One Of The Best In Liverpool’s History

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has issued a statement to bid farewell to Sadio Mane, who will play for Bayern Munich next season. The German dedicated some affectionate words to his former player.

Mane is now Liverpool history. The Senegalese put an end to his career with the Reds and joined Bayern Munich, the team that currently rules German football.

Klopp, as soon as the signing of the striker by the Bavarians became official, issued a statement and wanted to say an honourable farewell to one of his best players.

“He is one of the best in our history, he is leaving and we have to realise how important he has been. He leaves with a lot of gratitude and love. He leaves with a status among the best. He leaves as one of the best in the world,” he said.

The German coach continued in the same vein: “We don’t have to regret what we lose, but celebrate how privileged we have been to have him. The goals he has scored, the trophies he has won. He’s a legend, a modern Liverpool icon.

Finally, Klopp concluded with these words. “Since he arrived, he has made us better. If someone had told me everything he was going to help and achieve at this club, I don’t know if we could have understood at the time. Sadio has made it all possible. I respect his decision and I’m sure the fans do too. If you love Liverpool, you love Sadio, it’s not debatable,” he concluded.

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