How to own a property in Nigeria for the first time without getting scammed 

Owning a property in Nigeria is good investment. The thought of owning one can be quite satisfying and to an extent, could give you a sense of security. However, this reality could be shattered or ruined when you get scammed.  

There are people who are out to cause you heartbreak by scamming you. 

However, you can avoid this by keeping the following in mind.  


Do your research 

The idea of owning a property is not in anyway out of place. It’s a great thing, and even a greater one if you’ve decided to make it a reality. In all you do, don’t ever rush the process of acquiring your desired property. Don’t allow sentiments and excitement to cloud your judgement. Calm down and do a thorough research to understand what you’re getting into. Don’t be quick to hop on any opportunity that comes or appears promising. 

Do your due diligence because the scammer who is out to get you is not playing with you. Such a person means serious business. He or she will do everything to ensure that their offer looks good and irresistible.  

Research will help you verify that the other party is true. Working with someone you don’t trust is going to turn out to be disastrous. You want to do your due diligence and know that you can trust them before you do business with them. 


Don’t rush 

Before ever dropping money at all or striking a deal do your due diligence. Don’t be quick to put money down, or sign any document. Refuse to be rushed or pressured into owning a property. If they say it’s too good to ignore, check it and be sure. Otherwise let it go. There are legitimate deals all around, and you’ll find them. Don’t settle for less. Don’t fall for sweet and sugar-coated words when they try to convince you. Don’t be in a haste. Don’t allow them create a sense of urgency around you. 


Seek legal assistance 

Also, do not hesitate to seek legal advice. It will save you from the fraudulent property guys. Seek legal advice. Don’t run through the process alone, and you can always engage the services of a legal advisor. 


Ask questions before you sign, or pay, or make a commitment 

Thoroughly ask questions. Don’t hesitate to ask regardless of how unreasonable it may sound to you. Because once you make a commitment, make payment, or sign the document, it invalidates any question you may have. It’s a done deal. Never allow pressure or intimidation. Ask intelligent questions.  


The price of the property 

In a case where it is a land you’d like to buy, look out for the price of the land. No land is cheap. I repeat, in your quest for owing a property, understand that no land is cheap. When you hear a ridiculously low price, don’t be in awe and get excited. Instead, you should be suspicious and curious to know how, and why. Lands are never cheap. They can only be affordable but not cheap. 


Buying land in Nigeria is not cheap. Don’t let anyone lie to you. How then do you determine how much a land is? By its location. A land in Lekki cannot sell at the same price as a land in Ikorodu.  


Unless, it’s someone who is trusted that is offering you at a cheap price, run. 


Engage the services of a real estate expert 

A safe step to owning a property and avoiding fraud  is engaging the services of a real estate professional. These ones see what you don’t see, and guide you with the truth and all the experiences they have gathered over time in this field. An expert in this field is reliable and authentic. Seek their help. 


Never pay cash 

If you are asked by the dealer to pay in cash, it’s not advisable to agree to this. This is because it would be very difficult to track the transaction.  

What then should you opt for instead? You should issue a cheque, pay at the bank, or pay at the branch of the office or establishment and ensure you collect a receipt. Be alert and conscious of the fact that you cannot afford to make transactions that cannot be traced.  

If the agent or the dealer doesn’t agree to your own terms of not agreeing to payment with cash, back off! It could be a trap.  


Go for the inspection  

If you ‘re thinking about owning a property without going to see things for yourself, then you might just be putting yourself in a situation that might not end well. It is extremely important for you to inspect whatever property you’re paying for. Don’t leave that to chance.  

What does inspection do for you? It helps you access how much value you’re getting for your money. If it impossible to go by yourself,  send someone that you trust to go for the inspection.  

Don’t be under pressure by the scammer. You can avoid being defrauded by going over to see things for yourself.  

It spells danger if the seller tries to talk you out of inspecting the land. Do not give in. That in itself is fishy. Insist on showing up for the inspection, and keep an open mind while at it. 


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