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Beast Wars Transformers Ends by Giving Dinobot A Fate Worse Than Death

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Transformers: Beast Wars #17!

The evil Predacon Transformers might not have had the pleasure of killing Dinobot in IDW Publishing’s adaptation of the Beast Wars TV show, but the Predacon defector faces a fate worse than death by the series’ premature end.

Although based on his TV counterpart, IDW’s rendition of Dinobot is much more honorable than even his honor-bound inspiration. Both of them eventually join the Maximals, but the new Dinobot defects for a much less selfish reason. The comic version is driven more by a distaste of torture, as opposed to defecting as a way to compensate for a failed coup attempt. There’s also no inkling that IDW’s Dinobot would have ever questioned his loyalty to the Maximals, unlike in the TV show.

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By the end of the series the Maximals are forced to hunt for Megatron, which is made all the more important because of how Cybertron will likely view a still very much alive Dinobot in Transformers: Beast Wars #17 by writer Erik Burnham, artist Josh Bucham and letterer Jake M. Wood. After Rattrap zaps Megatron through time, the Maximals who now have a full-functioning ship at their disposal decide to leave the accursed planet they crash-landed on for Cybertron. But then Dinobot points out that even though Optimus Primal intends on telling Cybertron about Dinobot’s defection from the Predacons, it’s unlikely that Cybertron will listen to Primal’s pleas if they come back without Megatron on a silver platter. Otherwise, Cybertron will need to punish someone else for the slew of crimes that Megatron and his subordinates committed before the events of Beast Wars.

Even though Dinobot is a good guy now, Cybertron will most likely condemn him for Megatron’s crimes since Dinobot would be the only one present who was once affiliated with Megatron. He’d essentially be guilty by former association. For a warrior so honor-bound as Dinobot, the prospect of facing such a dishonorable sentencing would likely be a fate worse than death for the Predacon defector. It’s ironic because the TV show’s Dinobot sacrificed himself in the most honorable way in season two when he successfully staved off the Predacon’s attempt to change history for the worst at the cost of his own life. Even though the animated Beast Wars‘ Dinobot was not initially as selfless as his comic counterpart, he was able to redeem himself in the most selfless manner imaginable, while the saintlike actions of IDW’s purer rendition of Dinobot will never be repaid in kind.

Of course, it’s probable that IDW’s Transformers team would have stayed true to the original TV show by eventually killing off Dinobot in an equally as impressive way. Unfortunately, the critically acclaimed adaptation has been cut short now that a still-undisclosed competitor has purchased the rights to publish Transformers and Beast Wars, among others, from Hasbro. It’s even likely that Dinobot’s prospective death would have somehow been even more emotional than the TV show since writer Erik Burnham effortlessly one-upped the original deaths of Terrorsaur and Scorpinok. However, even though Burnham shared some of the ideas he had for the series, none of them involved Dinobot, let alone how he could have died. Regardless, the final development is still highly effective just because Dinobot never receives the respect from Cybertron’s Transformers that he deserves. And this is just one of the many reasons why IDW’s Beast Wars will be very much missed.

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