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10 Movie Endings That Leave Viewers Speechless, According to Reddit

Jordan Peele’s next release, Nope, set to hit theaters on July 22, 2022, will likely present audiences with another one of the director’s signature impactful endings. In recent years, Peele’s films have joined the list of movies with unforgettable finales, along with a plethora of others that left audiences slack-jawed in awe.

There are currently many such films whose endings are so shocking – whether they be due to twists, inconclusiveness, or some other shock factor entirely – that stick with viewers well after the credits finish rolling. Redditors have taken to listing some of their favorite endings that left them speechless.

Based on Stephen King’s hit novella, The Mist tells the story of a town faced with surviving terrible creatures hiding in the mist. The horror movie ends off with a very unfortunate plot twist, and viewers are left devastated by the choices made by the protagonist, David.

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Redditor suprunkn0wn stated that when “David shoots everyone in the car just to come outside to see the army rescue everyone, this scene is so scary because seeing the guards come up to him looking confused knowing if he had just waited longer, everyone could have been saved.” Just like the mist, the emotions that come with the ending take some time to dissipate.

Atonement is one of those movies that leave viewers so irrevocably shocked, that it’s hard for them to watch the film a second time. Following the tale of a young Briony whose naivety and misunderstandings ruin the lives of her sister, Cecilia, and Cecilia’s love, Robbie, the film delivers a tragic twist that shocks audiences in an unforgettable way.

Reddit user Debinthedez went to the film “with a friend who had read the book so she knew and after the credits rolled I just looked at her and she said didn’t you know I went no and it just depressed me for a long time. It’s an amazing movie but it’s just so bloody sad and heartbreaking. Gut-wrenching.”

Regarded as one of the best sci-fi psychological dramas, Alex Garland’s Ex Machina follows the story of Caleb as he starts to fall for the incredibly advanced AI, Ava. As his feelings deepen, so does his desire to free her, so he devises a plan to have them both escape. Unfortunately, Ava is revealed to have other plans.

Redditor throwaweigh1245 stated how they were so “astounded she abandoned him to basically starve in isolation like leaving behind a freaking old tee shirt. That scene hit so hard,” while user daboot013 was so shocked, they had to take “a lap around the house in silence.”

Based on the bestselling novel by Gillian Flynn, Gone Girl follows the tale of Nick as he navigates the recent disappearance of his wife, Amy, and becomes a suspect in the case. For those who have not read the novel, the mid-point reveal and subsequent twist at the climax come as quite the rollercoaster of emotions and shocks.

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Reddit user mr_antman85 shared how “when the movie switched halfway, my mind was blown. Then the ending…I didn’t see that coming. Absolutely amazing movie.” It’s no surprise why the film gained so much commercial success and critical acclaim, just like the novel.

Considered to be one of the best J.K. Simmons movies, Whiplash has him playing a no-nonsense bandleader and horrible mentor who tries to mold a young artist into a drummer fit for his band. The finale – while not a huge twist, per se – is still renowned for its intensity and Andrew’s self-realization of his potential.

Redditor Thosewhippersnappers shared how glad they were that “they didn’t ruin the amazing last scene with some dialogue. I still think about that ending. Have watched it several times… Love, love, love.” As far as films about the artistic experience go, this film pars well with Black Swan.

The Usual Suspects is a mystery thriller that builds up to a big final reveal, an ending that viewers admit left them speechless. The film was applauded for its screenplay, direction, and a deceiving, twisting storyline which helped make the final scenes that much more impactful.

Redditor DreamcatcherGoneWild credits it for being so surprising that they had to do a double-take: “I was completely fooled when I first saw it and the ending and that character MADE that film and I had to rewatch it knowing how it ended.”

Although it never quite reached cult classic status as a horror film, The Others still did considerably well upon its release, winning several accolades and garnering much critical and commercial success. A large part of that was due to its cast’s acting which made the ending that much more surprising for viewers.

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Redditor yakusokuN8 says they especially “love The Others for the “double twist”. A lot of us can see the first one coming when they try to hide the gravestones, but the second one, when we find out who the others really are, is incredible.”

One of the many thriller movies that nailed their final scenes, Se7en is a crime story that follows two detectives as they investigate murders based on the seven deadly sins. The ending finds the detectives not only coming to head-to-head with the mastermind behind the crimes, but also falling victim to his plan themselves in an unforgettable finale.

The real beauty of the film is that it had its audiences conflicted about what the result should be in the plot twist. Reddit user Bloodstarvedhunter stated: “even to this day I can’t decide whether I wanted him to kill Doe or not, on one hand, revenge for your wife …. on the other not giving Doe the satisfaction of completing his “masterpiece”.”

One of the best low-budget movies that struck gold in the box office is The Blair Witch Project. The sleeper hit followed a couple of students as they make a documentary about the Blair Witch. The films haunting progression crescendos with its chilling ending, which is sure to impress any true horror fan.

Back when it first came out, the seemingly real footage is what helped make the ending so shocking for audiences. Redditor Wynter_born reminisced about how it is “still one of the most horrifying theater moments I have ever experienced. So glad I thought it was real, it wouldn’t have been nearly the same experience without that element.”

Prisoners is a chilling thriller film that follows a father, Keller Dover, as he takes justice into his own hands to find his abducted daughter. Unfortunately, Keller finds himself in a complicated web of crimes and deceptions, with his own morals becoming corrupted. The final reveal is a harrowing one, and the film ends on an ambiguous yet hopeful note.

The haunting ending is something fans can’t forget, like Redditor Charley0213, who says they “still think about it!!! I have to think that jake heard the whistle because he wasn’t a quitter. Although it was faint he heard something. I needed that closure … I still need that closure.”

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