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10 Actors Who Could Play Franklin Richards In The MCU

The Fantastic Four’s arrival at the MCU is fast-approaching, and the team is on everyone’s mind. With Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness hitting Disney+, the conversation has gone back to Marvel’s first family: will John Krasinski play Reed? Will Emily Blunt play Sue? Or will Marvel go a different direction?

Having older actors play Mr. and Mrs. Fantastic opens the door for the introduction of Franklin Richards. He is Sue and Reed’s eldest son and the most powerful mutant in Marvel. Many young and talented actors could convincingly play Franklin, but a few instantly come to mind when thinking about casting the role.

Walter Scobell rose to prominence thanks to Netflix’s The Adam Project, playing a younger version of funnyman Ryan Reynolds. The film’s success led to Scobell casting as Percy Jackson in Disney+’s long-awaited reboot of the franchise, currently filming.

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Scobell could convincingly play Krasinski’s kid should the MCU keep The Office actor in the role of Reed Richards. Franklin has a very childlike personality in most of his appearances, but the MCU will probably redefine the character and take him into a more comedic route. Scobell can handle the humor, especially after having Reynolds as a teacher.

Since taking showbusiness by storm with his 2015 breakthrough in Room, Jacob Tremblay has built a successful career. He received rave reviews and several accolades for his performance in Room, which he followed with roles in films like WonderGood Boys, and Luca.

Tremblay is a talent in the making, having proven he can deal with serious issues while adding the necessary gravitas to make them believable for audiences. The best Fantastic Four storylines portray the weight on Franklin’s shoulders, which would make for an emotionally resonant storyline in the MCU. Tremblay would excel at portraying these emotions, making his Franklin equal parts comedic and dramatic.

Best known for his role in the ABC hit Black-ish, Miles Brown is also a dancer and a rapper. The seventeen-year-old actor also appeared in the series spin-off, Mixed-ish, and provided his voice to the hit Netflix show Arcane.

Brown could be a great Franklin, depending on who gets cast as Reed and Sue. The actor comes from a comedic background, which is integral to creating a successful MCU performance. At seventeen, he might be older than the age comic book writers traditionally portray Franklin in, but this might work in favor of the character. Having an adolescent would only enhance the inherent chaos that comes with being part of the Fantastic Four.

Felix Jamieson rose to prominence by starring in HBO Max’s recently-canceled sci-fi show Raised by Wolves. The young actor played Paul, one of the show’s wildcard characters. Raised by Wolves was full of plot twists, but it also featured a genuinely compelling narrative that allowed Jamieson to display his considerable acting chops.

Paul was a tricky character. He could’ve easily alienated audiences with his shifts in allegiances, but Jamieson deftly portrayed the character’s struggles. That’s the sort of versatility necessary to bring Franklin to life. Franklin is a complicated character, a child dealing with the weight of massive power and the expectations that come with being part of his family; Jamieson would do the character justice.

Fans might remember Ian Ho as Blake Lively’s scene-stealing kid in 2018’s deliciously campy A Simple Favor. The young actor followed the film with roles in numerous shows, including Chapelwaite, The Expanse, and Star Trek: Strange New Worlds.

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Manny Jacinto is one of the fan-favorite picks for Johnny Storm, which might suggest an Asian Sue Storm. It’s an inspired idea, and an Asian-American Franklin would be a massive step for representation. Ian Ho pulled focus with his brief role in A Simple Favor, portraying Nicky with equal parts innocence and bravado. That kind of energy would be ideal for Franklin.

Lino Facioli impressed audiences with his performance as the spoiled and somewhat creepy Robin Arryn, one of the most underutilized characters in Game of Thrones. Facioli also plays the recurring role of Dex in Netflix’s critically-acclaimed teen comedy Sex Education.

Facioli might be on the older side — he’s currently twenty-one. However, he’s still convincingly playing a teenager on Sex Education and could do the same with Franklin. The Brazilian actor expertly portrayed a spoiled child and a jerk; mixing both with a dash of superpowers could result in the perfect take for Franklin.

Starring in Taika Waititi’s 2019 comedy Jojo Rabbit brought Roman Griffin Davis critical acclaim; the actor even received a Golden Globe nomination for his performance. His most recent effort, the apocalyptic Christmas comedy Silent Night, confirmed him as one of Hollywood’s rising talents.

Should the MCU go with Krasinski and Blunt for Mr. and Mrs. Fantastic, Davis would be the perfect choice to play their son. The young actor already proved himself skilled at handling thorny comedy and drama; his performance as Franklin would deftly find the balance between the MCU’s more comedic elements and the character’s storyline.

Lonnie Chavis played young Randall Pearson in the hit NBC drama This Is Us, to a positive critical reception. He also starred in the short-lived sitcom White Famous and made his feature film debut with 2020’s drama The Water Man, directed by David Oyelowo and co-starring Rosario Dawson.

Chavis has proven himself deft at handling comedy and drama, the ideal combination for anyone wanting to make it big in the MCU. Chavis is fourteen but looks younger, so his Franklin would be a child for most of the first film, providing the ideal setup for a deep and emotional family story.

Mexican actor Iñaki Godoy first rose to prominence with his role in Netflix’s soapy guilty-pleasure Who Killed Sara? He made headlines in late 2021 when Netflix announced him as the lead in their upcoming One Piece live-action adaptation, where he’ll play the main role of Monkey D. Luffy.

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Playing two high-profile roles would be a first for a Mexican-born actor, but it’s a long time coming. Godoy is eighteen, a near-ideal age to play Franklin, with the potential Fantastic Four trilogy focusing on his teenage years and entrance into adulthood.

Iain Armitage first gained attention with Big Little Lies, playing young Ziggy, one of the kids in the middle of the show’s mystery. However, his big break came in 2017 when he got cast in Young Sheldon. Playing a beloved character made famous by another actor might be intimidating, but Armitage made Sheldon his own and came out on top.

By now, the actor has plenty of skill in comedy and drama, meaning he could easily explore both sides in his performance. Armitage is currently thirteen and has an entire career ahead of him; audiences could see Franklin grow in front of their eyes if Armitage is the one playing him.

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