Wyoming Republican senator apologizes for saying there are ‘two sexes’

In today’s colleges and universities, you will get booed and be forced to apologize for stating an obvious reality.

“Sen. Lummis Apologizes For Saying There Are ‘Two Sexes,’” by Brianna Lyman, Daily Caller, May 17, 2022:

Republican Wyoming Sen. Cynthia Lummis issued an apology Monday for stating the biological fact that there are only “two sexes” during a commencement speech at the University of Wyoming, according to a report.

Speaking at the commencement address Saturday, Lummis said constitutional rights were being threatened and “even fundamental scientific truths such as the existence of two sexes, male and female, are subject to challenge these days.”

Lummis’ remarks were immediately met with a barrage of “boos” from the crowd….

The university’s president, Ed Seidel, later released a statement condemning the remarks without directly naming Lummis. 

“One of our speakers made remarks regarding biological sex that many on campus take issue with. While we respect the right of all to express their views, from students to elected officials, we unequivocally state that UW is an institution that supports and celebrates its diverse communities that collectively make us the wonderful place that we are.”

Lummis later issued an apology, Oil City News first reported.

“My reference to the existence of two sexes was intended to highlight the times in which we find ourselves, times in which the metric of biological sex is under debate with potential implications for the shared Wyoming value of equality,” the statement, obtained by the Daily Caller, read….”it was never my intention to make anyone feel un-welcomed or disrespected, and for that I apologize….

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