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Why The Pixel 7 Could Become Google's Most Successful Smartphone

The Pixel 7 will be released this fall and could become Google’s most successful smartphone, a rare treat for a company founded on search engine technology and software solutions. With a second-generation Tensor powering advanced AI and image processing, along with other hardware upgrades, it should be a powerful and versatile device. The Pixel 6 has already outpaced all previous Pixel phones and the unusual marketing strategy that Google employed seems to be repeating for the upcoming Pixel 7.

The Pixel 6 series might be one of the most self-leaked products ever. Android code provided information in the first half of 2022, but the actual device was revealed by Google itself in August, along with specific details of the hardware and the Tensor chip that would power it. Hands-on access was also given to a select few media outlets, further stoking excitement. It would be nearly three months before the Pixel 6 launched so this early and extensive preview was surprising.

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Drawing upon the success of the anticipation-building strategy of the Pixel 6, Google seems to be getting an even earlier start this year. The first Pixel 7 teaser came at Google I/O, at least five months before the latest all-Google phone will be available to order. The Pixel 7 will feature a second-generation Tensor chip and a new look with a striking aluminum bar with camera cutouts that form the letter ‘i’ in the Pixel 7 Pro version. The metallic gleam makes for more eye-catching product photos than the black bar of the Pixel 6. Google I/O also made a point of demonstrating the company’s AI power and teased several upcoming features across many of its platforms and devices. A more powerful Tensor will bring the best of these innovations to the Pixel 7. Finally, borrowing a page from Apple’s customer retention book, Google continues to expand its Better Together slogan with Google Pixel products working seamlessly with one another.

After years of quite low Pixel sales, the Pixel 6 proved that Google can sell phones even when facing the marketing and brand strength of Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy series. The Pixel 7 doesn’t have to be the most exciting device in the world to advance Google’s prospects as a smartphone manufacturer. It seems to be content to play the long game and it is beginning to pay off.

The Pixel phone has finally been recognized as a viable alternative. Google has the resources to create amazing hardware with deep integration of its AI cloud and onboard software systems. The Pixel 7 isn’t the only teaser that came at Google I/O. A Pixel Watch is coming this fall and a Pixel Tablet was teased for 2023. Augmented reality glasses planned for 2024 were even previewed, showing live translation and transcription to bridge communication gaps. With so much innovative technology flowing from Google, the flagship Pixel 7 is a likely recipient of new hardware and software. An exciting device combined with the company’s newly acquired marketing savvy could make the Pixel 7 Google’s most successful smartphone.

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