Ukrainian women in Sweden warned not to dress in a way ‘that could provoke Muslim men’ 

At the height of the Syrian war and the accompanying massive influx of Muslim refugees, “the number of Swedes reporting to have been victims of sexual crimes has tripled between 2014 and 2018, according to a report by the Swedish Crime Prevention Council Brå.” Then in 2016, Swedish Left Party politician Barbro Sörman stated that it was “worse” when Swedish men raped women than when “immigrants” did it; this was an insult to all immigrants and a slap in the face to all Swedes. Her reasoning: Swedish men make an active choice while “come from cultures where women are treated as second-rate citizens.” 

In Islam, men can take infidel women at will, while Muslim women must be covered (Quran 24:31, 33:59). To Barbro Sörman, the West should bend its laws and values to suit cultures in which women are considered inferior. One wonders whether Barbro Sörman would have the same opinion if she had a daughter who was raped by an “immigrant.”

It is atrocious that Ukrainian women are being told to be careful how they dress in a way “that could provoke Muslim men,” rather than Sweden implementing a no-tolerance policy on Muslim migrants attacking infidel women.

“Ukrainian women in Sweden warned not to dress in a way that could provoke Muslim men,” ReMix News, May 26, 2022:

Ukrainian women at the Galaxen refugee center in Olofström, Sweden, have been told not to dress in a way that could provoke men from “other cultures” who also live at Galaxen housing facility, according to the Swedish online newspaper, Nyheter Idag.

The instruction has prompted one women’s shelter to start informing Ukrainian women of their rights.

Gitana Bengtsson, who has been helping refugees, reacted to the “advice” from the refugee housing management and made sure to connect with a women’s shelter.

“I have talked to a woman from the women’s shelter in Olofström. She said that we should go there and have an informative meeting for the women,” Bengtsson told Swedish Radio. “So that if they feel unsafe, they can call, and they should feel safe. Tell them a little about their rights and where they can turn.”

Answering how Ukrainian women dressed before being told to change, Bengtsson said that “they usually dressed like us, you and me.”

“There is nothing strange about it. They did not look like prostitutes. If those women lived in the city, no one would tell them how to dress,” added Bengtsson.

The site manager at the accommodation had reportedly told the women that they should not wear light clothing that makes body parts visible, such as short shorts or skirts.

There have been numerous reports of some Ukrainian women who sought refuge in Sweden feeling unsafe in their new surroundings because of attempts by migrant males to break into their accommodation.

In March, the Swedish news outlet Samnytt spoke with female Ukrainian refugees residing in the town of Örebro following an incident where foreign males entered their homes and tried to attack them.

“They said that Sweden was a safe country, but I have not seen that,” one of the women told Swedish public radio….

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