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The 10 Most Confusing Movie Franchises, According To Reddit

There is something very exciting about a movie that connects with audiences in such a way that it is able to launch its own franchise. But while fans might be interested in returning to that world again and again, there is still a challenge of creating new stories to keep the franchise fresh.

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Sometimes this results in some pretty outlandish storylines. Sometimes there is some retconning that needs to be done for those long-running franchises. As a result, certain movie series, as beloved as they might be, cause a lot of confusion for fans.

Even before Sam Raimi brought Spider-Man to the big screen, X-Men helped usher in an era of superhero movies as well as spawning a long-running franchise. Fans are excited to see the mutants show up in the MCU but these Fox movies have plenty of fans.

But as the franchise delved into the prequel series, things started getting confusing. Characters suddenly had long, untold histories with each other and the age of certain characters was illogical. Redditor WeatheredCinephile wondered how much better the franchise would have been “if the timeline wasn’t messed up multiple times.”

The Rocky franchise is not filled with overly complicated movies. They are inspiring and thrilling sports stories for the most part, following the titular boxer on his various ups and downs throughout his career. But even these movies can make some confusing choices.

Redditor The_Chums_of_Chance pointed out that the movies tend to “follow directly on from each other from one movie to the next.” But while Rocky’s son is shown to be a young kid in Rocky IV, he is turned into a teenager in Rocky V taking place just days later.

James Cameron established himself as an epic filmmaker with The Terminator and many feel he improved on it with the sequel Terminator 2: Judgement Day. But the franchise struggled to make much of an impact outside those first two movies.

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While the first Terminator suggested the future cannot be rewritten, the sequel offered a more hopeful answer that it can be changed after all. With both of those ideas already explored, Redditor SSF415 found the sequels just confused what the real answer was as “any other movie is just going to be a variation on one of those themes.”

The Friday the 13th movies have grown into one of the longest-running horror movie franchises of all time and helped to cement Jason Vorhees as an iconic slasher movie villain. But fans may forget that the very first movie in the series didn’t even feature Jason as the killer.

It was that initial decision that made the rest of the franchise confusing for fans as to what really happened at Camp Crystal Lake all those years ago. As Redditor JC-Ice pointed out, “the movies contradict each other on whether Jason actually drowned as a child.”

The first Highlander movie was a fun setup for an action-adventure with some fantasy elements. It was the story of an immoral warrior who is faced with the last of his immortal foes who seeks to kill him and gain his power.

However, the sequel took things in a very different direction, suddenly becoming a futuristic sci-fi story in which, the hero attempts to protect the Earth against an intergalactic tyrant. One Redditor made the challenge to viewers to “watch the first two and tell me what’s going on.”

The first Saw movie was a small but riveting horror ride that introduced the world to the complex serial killer Jigsaw and his deadly traps. But as the series continued, the lore of Jigsaw continued to grow even after the character died in the third entry.

The result was a series that demanded the audience pays close attention. Minor characters would suddenly become the lead in the sequel and endless flashbacks constantly changed how things played out. But one Redditor admitted, “it’s a convoluted mess, but I love it.”

The Fast and Furious franchise is finally looking to come to an end with its tenth and eleventh installments on the way. It is quite impressive how far this franchise has come in becoming such an international smash.

But there are plenty of fans who point out the storylines that seem like something out of a soap opera. With characters “dying” and returning, secret siblings suddenly showing up, and convenient cases of amnesia, one Redditor pointed out that it is a good thing the movies are “not meant to be taken seriously.”

The idea of making movies out of the toy line of robots that can transform into various vehicles doesn’t sound like something that should get too complicated. But Michael Bay’s Transformers movies built a vast and incredibly weird mythology as well as sequels that just added to the confusion.

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Fans point out the odd relationship between humans and Autobots in these movies as each movie has them teaming up to defeat the Decepticons only for the humans to be hunting the Autobots in the next movie. Redditor belithioben also pointed out that, despite the Autobots meeting King Arthur and battling the Nazis, “the wider population had no idea they exist.”

While the DCEU is still operating in the shadow of the MCU, it has delivered several great superhero adventures to date. But it is no secret that the cinematic universe has stumbled considerably along the way which has led to a very confused collection of movies.

It is unclear which movies are connected to each other and which should be viewed as stand-alone features. The Suicide Squad seemed to be a total reboot yet featured characters from the first movie. There are multiple Batmen and Jokers. And Superman has seemingly disappeared. Redditor spacednlost simply stated, “it’s all over the place.”

Given how beloved of a franchise Star Wars is, it is perhaps not surprising that the sequels trilogy inspired a lot of passionate responses. Once the three movies were completed, many pointed to the lack of a singular filmmaking vision for turning the trilogy into a bit of a mess.

There are some who feel as though The Last Jedi ignored the setup of The Force Awakens while others feel like it was The Rise of Skywalker that took things in the wrong direction. In any case, the sequels felt oddly disconnected for many fans and Redditor PugnaciousPangolin said the “films are like an argument going back and forth.”

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