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RHOBH: Garcelle Beauvais Says Erika Jayne In Denial Over Legal Issues

In a sneak peek of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 12, Garcelle Beauvais said that fellow housewife Erika Jayne is in denial over her legal troubles. The hit Bravo show makes its much anticipated return this Wednesday after last season hit an all-time ratings high. There will be no shortage of drama, as fans are eagerly waiting to watch it all unfold.

RHOBH season 12 is sure to continue the series’ golden era, after last season left viewers with their jaws dropped week after week. Thanks to cast member Sutton Stracke putting her detective skills to good use, fans witnessed Erika’s legal issues throughout RHOBH season 11. Sutton questioned everything once it was revealed that the “Expensive To Be Me” singer’s estranged husband, Tom Girardi, had been accused of misappropriating millions in client funds, dishonesty and other acts of moral corruption in his law practice. Erika stayed on the defense while her name was brought up multiple times in lawsuits that plagued the once prominent lawyer. After Erika filed for divorce, speculation ran rampant over whether she knew about Tom’s misdeeds.

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Now RHOBH season 12 is ready to pick up right where deason 11 left off. In a preview clip, shared by Bravo, Erika sits with Garcelle to explain her side and dispel rumors about her involvement in any wrongdoing. “Sutton chose to say things and repeat things that have been disproven now,” the reality TV star says in the clip. One of the bigger rumors about Erika is that she was given $20 million to hide in an LLC, which Erika also says is a lie. The preview has been circulating mainly because of Garcelle’s reaction to her co-star’s defense. When Erika claims that a “trustee” said she never touched the money, Garcelle simply says, “Oh, okay,” with a look that shows she is not buying what Erika is selling. Before the clip ends, Garcelle questions why none of what Erika is saying is in the press and later calls her “delusional” in her confessional. Part of this preview clip was shared by Mr. Marcus White on YouTube, which you can watch below:

The early season sit-down between the two frenemies may come as a shock to fans. Garcelle and Erika were in a social media war late last month, well after RHOBH season 12 had wrapped. During the promotion of the former model’s book Love Me As I Am, Garcelle used a viral clip of the RHOBH season 12 trailer to help get the word out. In the clip, Erika asked if Garcelle was trying to make her look bad, and Garcelle replied that Erika could do that all on her own. The actress told her fans not to make themselves look bad and to order her book. Erika’s response was to record a video in which she threw Garcelle’s book in the trash.

The drama between Garcelle and Erika will only be the tipping point. The new mega season will feature eight full-time cast members for the first time. Kyle Richards, Dorit Kemsley, Lisa Rinna, Crystal Kung Minkoff and Sutton will join Garcelle and Erika, as well as newcomer Diana Jenkins, for RHOBH season 12. With news of multiple feuds, fans are in for a treat from their favorite Beverly Hills girls.

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 12 premieres May 11 at 8 p.m. EDT on Bravo.

Sources: Bravo, Mr. Marcus White/YouTube

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