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Red Dead Redemption: Which Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

A remastered version of Red Dead Redemption II is supposed to be announced this year, and a lot of fans can’t wait to play the game again with retouched and improved visuals of its desserts, mountains, towns, and wilderness. So many more hours of qualitative plots, quests, dialogue, and intriguing characters are close and it is worth it to revisit them once more with a more mystical angle.

All the outlaws of New Austin, Nuevo Paraíso, and West Elizabeth will reunite for another remastered excitable playthrough of one of the best PS4 games ever to get to know them more deeply. But with the information already given and each of the characters’ known past, a lot can be told about every single of them, including which are their Zodiac signs.

Aries are known for being fearless, passionate, and headstrong, just as the leader of the Van der Linde Gang, Dutch van der Linde. Faithful to his ideals and willing to do whatever it takes to achieve them, Arieses like Dutch are inclined to be brave and heavily opinionated.

These perspectives and views of the world, that make him want to be against it, do not come out of nowhere. Dutch van der Linde is a well-read and experienced individual, and it’s through his charisma and intellect that he has so many faithful followers (including Redditors who consider him the best character), just as an Aries would.

Before having her world shattered when her husband was murdered, Sadie used to wander and work in the mountains where she enjoyed her life as a faithful wife of Jake. Just like a Taurus, she had found happiness in the finer things in life.

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Sadie Adler’s zodiac sign is best recognized in her past, where she proved to be hardworking, dedicated, faithful, and dependable. Even though she still has all these traits, her heartbreaking loss might make her look bitter and revengeful. But her loyalty and love for her husband prevailed beyond his death, which proves her to be a Taurus indeed.

The twins often represent the dualism within a person, and Mary-Beth Gaskill is known for exploiting her looks and kindness to deceive and steal people’s goods. This obvious Gemini knows how to use her contradictory personality in her favor.

Only an intellectual and analytical sign as Gemini could pull off such a fine criminal trick. It requires this kind of Zodiac sign to seduce, convince, distract and pickpocket others, as it is not as simple as to arrive with a gun and mug people, and Mary-Beth Gaskill proves herself to be a Gemini one deceives at a time.

Abigail Roberts is a true Cancer when it comes to being nurturing, family-oriented, and protective of the ones she loves. There is no doubt about her devotion and safeguarding nature when it comes to her son Jack, who is her only purpose in life.

Roberts, like most of the members of the Van der Linde Gang, had a rough past, but her undeniable cancer personality makes her want a different childhood for her son. She does everything in her power for that to happen and to be the loving and caring parent figure that she never had.

Josiah Trelawny makes every appearance a show for others to enjoy with his exuberant personality, style, and tricks, and Leos are known for stealing the spotlight and being a great performer. This zodiac sign proves befitting as he brings joy and entertainment to the gang.

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Another characteristic of Josiah that defines him as the lion of the zodiac signs is his independence. He is the only one in the Van der Linde Gang that can come and go as he pleases, and although this may come across as untrustworthy, it just shows how self-driven a Leo can be.

His age and wisdom make Hosea Mathews a highly critical, grounded, practical, and meticulous individual. In other words, a Virgo. His pragmatic way of seeing things entitle him to be the perfect advisor for Dutch and one of the characters who make the best duo with Arthur.

Being in the background, with none of the spotlights, but influencing all the important decisions is the way to go for Virgos, who put all the importance on practicality. They often know best, and given his years of experience, Hosea is no stranger to knowing what to do.

Libras are highly idealistic and that is the case with Charles Smith. His background and mixed-race, which have made him feel like an outcast most of his lifetime, have transformed him into a very principled man with strong ideals of the world.  

This zodiac sign always searches for balance, peace, and justice, and even though Charles Smith has his very unique and debatable way of conceiving these concepts (as many of the Van der Linde Gang) he undoubtedly fights and acts upon them, just as a Libra would.

Scorpios can be perceived as very intense personalities, and companion and member of the Van der Linde Gang, Bill Williamson is no exception. His hot-headed and radical reactions to most situations often make him plunge into his demons.

The sign is also known for being able to evolve and grow after some deep introspection and analysis, which was the case with Bill, who changed after being saved by Dutch. As any Scorpio would, he still struggles with himself but is always loyal to the ones he admires.

Sagittarius is adventurous and enthusiastic about new experiences. Their free-spirited personalities make this zodiac sign a one-of-a-kind, and certainly the most fun one to be around when adventure calls. Karen Jones is a Sagittarius by heart and is not afraid to show any of her sign traits.

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She is enthusiastic about every crime, journey, or gang-related activity. Karen is proud and happy living the outlaw life and tries to have fun all the time. Her good vibes are contagious and make every night a drinking party. Her fire sign makes her one of the most positive companions.

The protagonist of the game has every trait Sagittarius is known and praised for. He is hard-working, reliable, determined, mature, and responsible. At the end of the day, he is the best one to get things done most practically and beneficially.

Even though Capricorns are highly pragmatic, they often hide a sensitive side that Morgan has. He shows it on many occasions, but most of all, when he connects deeply with other living things, such as animals. As a Capricorn, Arthur is a great leader and companion.

Micah Bell acts as he pleases and follows his orders. When it comes to pursuing a goal and achieving it, he is the only one of his kind and can be truly unpredictable. He is willing to do anything to get what he wants, which makes him an exceptional Aquarius.

His disruptive nature makes him have a lot of distanced relationships and be a misfit to follow his bigger ideas of what the world is supposed to be, and although this leads him to become one of the best video game characters that went from friend to villain, it also defines him as an undoubted air sign.

Javier Escuella has distinctive outfits of the Mexican revolution and other traditional pieces of clothing, which says a lot about his ideas, dreams, and aspirations to be true to himself and his causes. Pisces are dreamers, and Javier’s story and personality point him out as one.

He was a revolutionary in Mexico, killed many men over a woman he was in love with and he is one of the Dutch’s most trustworthy companions. Pisces is empathetic and caring, and Javier has only shown how much he cared about his country, his loved ones, and his leader.

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