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Moon Knight: 10 Unpopular Opinions About The Show, According To Reddit

Moon Knight, another series that expands on the already complex MCU, finished its first season, and viewers have been left distraught by the wild journey that the show takes. The use of Egyptian gods and legends hasn’t been explored in the MCU until now, and Marvel fans have been loving the new storyline and what could be next for Steven and Marc.

But as with any Marvel project, some viewers haven’t loved everything about the show. These fans have taken to Reddit to put their opinions on the internet to face public scrutiny and spark spirited debates about the aspects of the show.

Steven and Marc’s relationship is one of the best in the show, and most viewers loved the back and forth between them, but one Redditor was not a fan of Steven’s role.

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Steven is meant to be Marc’s softer and more compassionate side, but Redditor Thizz_Dizzle doesn’t find him as endearing as other viewers saying, ” The whole Steven schtick is annoying. It doesn’t add conflict; it doesn’t push the story forward in any meaningful way. I honestly didn’t mind it during the first episode, but during episode two, it went too far, in my opinion.”

Fans of the source material for Marvel shows are constantly looking for differences between the show to the comics. Some viewers have voiced their disdain about the creative liberties taken with the show.

Redditor tehutti1 feels differently, ” I understand wanting to see some of your favorite moments, characters, etc., shown on screen…but that doesn’t mean you should blindly criticize the show just for that. There’s other things to criticize if you wanna go down that path…” Much like movies based on books, there will always be differences between the page and on-screen adaptation.

Marc and Khonshu have done terrible things outside of Moon Knight. But within the show, they are meant to be the heroes, but not everyone believes that. User Abraham_Maslow said, ” Khonshu & Marc have been showing a lot of red flags. Brooding, violent sociopath fixated on how the world is full of evil people who deserve to be punished and going on a personal/divine vengeance quest to beat them to death himself…”

The show never expresses that Marc is supposed to be a hero. The show largely left Marc up for interpretation and for the fans to decide if Marc earns the title of hero.

But one Reddit user didn’t feel that this show, or any of the other MCU series, is good. The user said, “this show actually sucks, and so far, Wandavision is the only good Marvel TV show.” While no one contested that Wandavision isn’t a good show, other Redditors wrote this poster off as a troll looking for a reaction from other fans.

With limited series, not every detail can be included that fans may be looking for; however, the show was on par with other MCU series in terms of effects and overall development.

It may come as a surprise that fans of the Moon Knight comics didn’t want the anti-hero to get a show, but it’s true.

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Redditor andrekensei doesn’t feel this way. They said, ” not wanting Moon Knight to be popular is the type of thinking that holds the character back, only because some people want moon knight to be a cult character forever.” If the MCU continues expanding, every hero will eventually get some spotlight. It is surprising fans wouldn’t want their favorite to get their chance.

Marc Spector receives his suit from this patron god Khonshu. Most fans have said the suit is okay but the best they have seen. However, Rayning_King on Reddit said, ” I just have to say the moon knight suit from the show is the best moon knight suit; in my opinion, I haven’t seen many moon knight suits, I’ll be honest, but of the ones I have seen this is my favorite.”

Suits always come under scrutiny, but in this case, Moon Knight has one of the most intricate suits seen in the MCU, and unfortunately, suits can’t always be comic copies.

Most fans loved Layla and her relationship between Steven and Marc. But one fan feels she’s just not worth the hype.

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User roseneil307 says, “I don’t really get why is this much fuss about Layla. She kinda appears out of nowhere, has no character development, and the acting isn’t something extraordinary either. ” Layla is integral to the show, and there is a bit of explanation of how she shows up, but with the series being limited, there was little room to give her space to develop.

Casual fans of Marvel or non-comic readers fans of the MCU have found the show entertaining, but Redditor 39Trashgod made a whole video explaining why the show is terrible to them.

They note that the show doesn’t express enough vagueness surrounding whether what is happening to Steven and Marc is real or all in his head, as they do in the comics. They deemed the show generic because of this. It is hard to judge if the show truly is generic as viewers don’t know what is in store for Moon Knight going further.

Now that all the episodes of Moon Knight have been released, opinions about the finale are pouring in. A few fans feel the ending wasn’t good. User DownLegSlide said, “All that build up etc., and what do we get? Cut scene, so we don’t see anything happen. How much of a cop-out is that?… I very much doubt we will get a second series at all. I was really enjoying it up until the last episode…”

The open-ended finale left a lot for fans to think about but could always be a hint that Moon Knight will appear again and give more insight into his character.

There will be fight scenes in any superhero show or movie; that’s a given. But Redditor SaltifiedReddit felt the fight scenes in Moon Knight shouldn’t have been included, ” Marc and Steven won’t have powers in the second season, so you’re in luck. I really hope there isn’t too much action; I hated how they had to put a fight scene at the end of episodes when it wasn’t needed.”

No MCU project is complete without stunts and action. Without them, fans would not be happy about the course of the show and may ultimately be confused about the lack of fight scenes.

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