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Jesse Palmer Announced As Bachelor In Paradise Host | Screen Rant

A little over a month after ABC renewed Bachelor In Paradise season 8, fans finally know who will lead the show as host: Jesse Palmer. After starring on The Bachelor season 5, Jesse had a lengthy hiatus from the franchise as he pursued a career as a sports commentator. But almost two decades later, Jesse returned to the mansion to take over for longtime host Chris Harrison in Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor. There’s been varying opinions as to whether or not Jesse’s contract should extend to Bachelor In Paradise. Now that it’s a reality, some fans are happy with the network’s choice, while others feel there’s a better option.

In 2021, during Matt James’ Bachelor season, Chris came under fire for downplaying Rachael Kirkconnell’s past attendance at a racist fraternity party. On the heels of public backlash, he stepped away from the franchise. Though former The Bachelorette leads Tayshia Adams and Kaitlyn Bristowe were called in to helm Katie Thurston and Michelle Young’s seasons, their appointment was only temporary. Jesse picked up the torch ahead of Clayton’s controversial journey to find love and will continue as the sole host for the forthcoming dual Bachelorette journey of Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia. As for Bachelor In Paradise season 7, a slate of celebrity guest hosts, including Lance Bass, David Spade, Tituss Burgess and Lil Jon, were in rotation.

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ABC is keeping things simple for the upcoming season of Bachelor In Paradise. Rather than bringing in a fresh crop of famous faces, Jesse will host his very first season of the beachside spin-off. It was announced on the official Bachelor In Paradise social media page that the show returns in the fall with Jesse as host, with fan-favorite Wells Adams upholding tradition by serving as bartender. For the first time, Paradise is being pushed back a few months due to The Bachelorette airing during its usual summer slot.

While many viewers rejoiced over the return of Bachelor In Paradise, which many feared would be canceled for 2022 because of The Bachelorette‘s new air date, this overarching happiness wasn’t shared regarding the host. Some think Jesse is a great choice for the role. One fan said, “Jesse does a good job as far as I’m concerned. Have no qualms with him hosting.” Still, the vast majority of comments shared a similar sentiment, that Wells should have gotten the Bachelor In Paradise job. A fan commented, “Give the people what they want & LET THE MAN HOST!” Another said, “Jesse is fine but we wanted Wells to host. Stop snubbing him.” Meanwhile, Paradise alum Noah Erb, who found love on the beach last season with Abigail Heringer, had one request: “I vote @davidspade as pool-boy.”

Not only does Bachelor Nation want Wells as host but so does Wells himself. He previously revealed that he was slightly upset over not being named as Chris Harrison’s replacement. Still, he’s understanding of the network’s decision given the fact that he never served as a lead in the franchise. Wells is also supportive of Jesse and has no bad blood toward him. If there’s any hostility on Bachelor In Paradise, it will likely be amongst the newest crop of contestants, not between Wells and Jesse.

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