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Intel Arc GPUs Delayed Once Again: Here's Why | Screen Rant

Intel‘s Arc Alchemist graphics cards have been delayed again, and this time it’s due to software issues and the impact of stringent Covid lockdowns in China. The cards were expected to launch between May and June 2022, but only the entry-level Arc 3 laptop cards are currently available to OEMs, while the more powerful Arc 5 and Arc 7 cards are still MIA. The situation is even worse when it comes to the desktop cards, with the company making it clear that they will only be available later in the year.

With the launch of its Arc Alchemist GPU solutions, Intel has joined Nvidia and AMD as one of the three GPU designers for gaming PCs and workstations. Of course, the company already offers integrated graphics solutions for its desktop and laptop CPUs, but the expansion to the discreet GPU market has piqued the interest of many gamers and enthusiasts. Unfortunately, however, the cards have been delayed time and again for many reasons, and the latest report is more bad news for potential buyers.

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In a blog post, Intel’s Vice President and General Manager for the Visual Compute Group, Lisa Pearce, said that the first Arc desktop cards would be launched in China later this year. However, once again, only the entry-level Arc 3 graphics cards will be released first before the enthusiast-level Arc 5 and Arc 7 cards make their way to the market. What’s more, even the entry-level cards will be made available to system builders and OEMs in China first before DIY builders and enthusiasts in the global market can get their hands on them. As for the Arc 5 and Arc 7 desktop cards, Pearce says that they will only make it to the market “later this summer.”

Pearce also threw some light on the situation with the Arc chips for laptops. These are currently exclusive to South Korean tech giant Samsung, which is selling Arc-powered notebooks in its home country and not anywhere else. However, Pearce said that Intel is looking to expand availability to other OEMs and is working with Asus, HP, and Lenovo, among others, to make its laptop solutions available to more users globally.

According to Pearce, software development and supply chain issues are the main reasons for the latest delay. However, the Arc 3-series laptop GPUs should still be rolled out globally ‘ASAP.’ It’s the Arc 5 and Arc 7 products and the desktop chips that will take a bit more time before making it to the market. The new roadmap comes a few months after Intel originally announced plans to roll out its discreet GPU solutions on laptops in Q1, followed by desktops in Q2 and workstations in Q3.

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