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How Robotaxis Will Be Very Different Vehicles To Tesla's Other EVs

Tesla and several other major manufacturers seem to believe that Robotaxis and autonomous vehicles will be the preferred method of travel in the future and they could be right. With the rising prices of electric cars and increasing demand for individuals to continuously be productive, it’s easy to understand how Robotaxis could be a solution whose time has come. Besides freeing up passenger time and eliminating the cost of ownership, other unique benefits make this concept worthwhile.

While the taxi cab and car rental businesses have been around for a long time, significant changes have arrived in recent years with the introduction of ridesharing companies like Uber and Lyft. In addition, the combination of internet technology and the gig economy has dramatically expanded the availability of cars for hire. Tesla took note and has plans to advance this further in the future with autonomous ridesharing of Tesla cars, allowing owners to make money when not using their vehicle.

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There is a need for an alternative to owning a car as prices continue to climb. Public transportation simply isn’t quick enough for the fast pace of life and coverage is lacking in many areas. Tesla’s Robotaxi idea could be the solution to this problem. It’s too early to predict the cost of hailing a Tesla Robotaxi. However, it might be less expensive since there is no need for a driver, and it should be the most efficient car on the road. The vehicle can be lighter by eliminating redundant parts such as a steering wheel, pedals, mirrors, and underlying hardware, reducing energy costs. With the entire focus placed on passenger mobility rather than designing a cockpit to please a driver, there could be aerodynamic improvements and other refinements that push this vehicle to use the least power necessary.

The basic Tesla Robotaxi will be designed to be a low-cost, incredibly efficient and long-lasting taxi that might sell in fleets to various interested parties, which could include companies, organizations and even governments. As such, they might be a bit more practical than a personal Tesla car. Rather than focusing on the fun of driving with thrilling acceleration and high top speed, the Robotaxi will probably focus on comfortable and safe transportation. This also minimizes wear and tear while reducing energy usage.

That doesn’t mean a deluxe version of the Robotaxi won’t be made for special occasions. It seems likely that a Tesla Robo-Limo could make an appearance soon after the launch of the Robotaxi. In this case, there’s even a possibility that this could be a flying car or have optional rocket power. Elon Musk has some crazy ideas, and showpieces make headlines much quicker than the functional aspects of technology. Musk seems to think a Tesla Robotaxi could be ready as soon as 2024. However, it can only happen after Full Self-Driving is finalized.

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