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Gotham Knights' Nightwing Glider Overlooks An Obvious Solution

The new gameplay trailer for Gotham Knights put the spotlight on Red Hood and Nightwing, with the latter boasting a new glider – the Flying Trapeze – to navigate Gotham City, but its design feels overly complicated. WB Games Montréal’s new DC title features an open-world Gotham and will give players access to a number of toys to help them get from point A to B, one of the key ones being the Batcycle. Each specific Batman ally and hero in Gotham Knights will also be given a unique ability to traverse Gotham’s rooftops, with Red Hood receiving mystical abilities after his resurrection, and Nightwing being equipped with a jet-powered glider. Nightwing’s glider feels a tad overly designed, however, especially when the character has used more elegant and simple ways to navigate Gotham’s skies in previous iterations – most significantly in The New Batman Adventures.

Gotham Knights is WB Games Montréal’s first DC game since 2013’s Batman: Arkham Origins, which acted as a prequel to Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham Asylum. Montréal assisted Rocksteady with DLC on Batman: Arkham Knight as well, but the studio reportedly suffered multiple canceled titles in the years following, including a Damian Wayne-led Batman: Arkham game. Gotham Knights is a completely new IP from the studio and isn’t situated within the Arkhamverse, with players instead taking control of the Dark Knight’s allies as they avenge his supposed death and face Batman’s Illuminati, the shadowy Court of Owls.

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The latest gameplay trailer for Gotham Knights has come some six months since the previous story tease in 2021, and it’s delivered a lot of important gameplay details. WB Games Montréal had previously revealed in other gameplay videos and trailers that its interpretation of the Bat Family characters would wield unique abilities not commonly seen in the comics, with Robin in particular boasting some extreme sci-fi tech. Although this helps to differentiate the studio’s depiction of Batman’s allies, it has led to some unusual creative choices, as can be seen in Nightwing’s method of transportation. Dubbed the “Flying Trapeze” in the latest Gotham Knights gameplay preview, Dick Grayson can be seen flying across Gotham’s skyline with a jet-powered glider he holds over his head and dangles precariously from. While this will undoubtedly distinguish the character from Gotham Knights‘ other playable heroes, it feels unnecessarily complicated.

Like Batman, Nightwing has been shown to traverse Gotham by gliding in multiple incarnations, with The New Batman Adventures (the successor to Batman: The Animated Series), depicting the character with Spider-Man-style web wings. Rather than a cape, Dick Grayson had wings that popped out from the side of his suit that he could use to glide around. Similar in a way to the wings of Terry McGinnis’ Batsuit in Batman Beyond, the glide capabilities of Nightwing’s suit could be concealed in the costume itself. This formed a key part of the character’s sleek design, and one that would’ve felt right at home in Gotham Knights‘ cool new Batman-less era.

Nightwing’s weird glide ability in Gotham Knights doesn’t look like a major cause for concern, but it does potentially serve as an example of where it didn’t make to divest from previous interpretations. It would’ve been great to see Dick Grayson glide gracefully around Gotham Knights‘ open-world Gotham, as opposed to having him hover awkwardly before getting the drop on enemies. The gameplay so far seems to have really captured the acrobatic nature of Nightwing’s combat, at least, so even though his main mode of transportation looks somewhat awkward, at least he’ll get to look elegant while fighting Gotham’s villains.

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