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Gotham Knights Dashes Fans' Hopes, Will Only Have 2-Player Co-Op

A recent leak suggesting that Gotham Knights could feature four-player co-op has just been debunked, confirming that Gotham Knights will only allow two players online as previously reported. With its concept of four of Batman’s former students teaming up to defend Gotham City from a dark organization called The Court Of Owls in the wake of the Dark Knight’s apparent death, Gotham Knights seemed tailor-made for a four-player cooperative gameplay experience. Unfortunately, developer WB Montreal has stated that the game would only feature two-player online co-op and no support for local split-screen multiplayer.

WB Montreal has stated that the decision to limit Gotham Knights’ co-op to only two players was made to prevent boss battles from becoming too chaotic and maintain the stealth and action gameplay that Gotham Knights carries over from Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham games.  However, an apparent leak from the Gotham Knights PlayStation Store page hinted that this might not be the case after all, with the game’s description listing support for four players at once through PlayStation Plus. This leaked screenshot spawned some mild speculation that WB Games Montreal was able to reevaluate Gotham Knights’ approach to online multiplayer thanks to its previous delay last year, while others pointed out that the description could have been a typo since the rest of the page described Gotham Knights as a two-player online experience.

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Unfortunately for those who might have been looking forward to controlling Gotham Knights’ full quartet with their friends online, it seems that the previous claims of four-player co-op were inaccurate after all. As reported by IGN, the PlayStation Store page for Gotham Knights has been updated to correctly list the game as being for either one or two players. While some fans in the comment section of IGN’s report are disappointed that Gotham Knights would only support two-player co-op others have pointed out that maintaining that many players in a game like Gotham Knights might have been too difficult for WB Montreal to pull off.

Gotham Knights’ now-confirmed limitation of two playable heroes at a time seems to have been supported in today’s Gotham Knights gameplay trailer, which highlighted Nightwing and Red Hood as they joined forces to battle criminals on a rooftop before taking their own approaches to infiltrate a mansion under the control of the Court of Owls. Aside from new gameplay, players received their first look at Gotham Knights’ special Collector’s Edition (complete with a highly detailed statue of Nightwing, Red Hood, Batgirl, and Robin in battle) and Batman Beyond-inspired alternate costumes. However, DC fans still using last-gen consoles are out of luck, as it was also confirmed that Gotham Knights is only available on the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

Likewise, it has now been clarified that Gotham Knights will only support two players at a time through online co-op and that the leaked PS Store screenshot suggesting four was a simple typo after all. Some players might be disappointed to hear that only half of Gotham Knights’ roster will be playable at once, but that is how multiplayer will work when Gotham Knights launches this October.

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Source: PlayStation Store (via IGN)

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