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Flip Or Flop: Christina Reacts To Argument With Heather Rae Young

Christina Haack, of Flip Or Flop fame, reacted to her seemingly heated argument with her ex-husband Tarek El Moussa’s spouse, Heather Rae Young. Christina and Tarek were married for seven years before calling it quits in 2016. After their split, the couple–who shares son Brayden, 6, and daughter Taylor, 11–has since moved on with new partners. While Tarek is married to 34-year-old Selling Sunset star Heather, Christina, 38, has been married twice after the split. She married Ant Anstead after her split from Tarek, but they divorced after two years. Christina and Ant welcomed their 2-year-old son, Hudson, in 2019 before ending their relationship. Following their September 2020 split, she moved on with Josh Hall, whom she recently married privately.

Christina has been co-parenting with the fathers of her three kids since splitting with them. However, recent developments give evidence that she is at odds with them. Ant recently filed for full custody of their son, Hudson. Although the 43-year-old English television presenter’s request was denied, the former couple is set to return to court in June. Christina and Tarek have been keeping it cool amid Ant’s highly-publicized custody drama.

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However, the former partners had a heated argument during a socker game over the weekend. Tarek was seen pulling Heather away from Christina during a children’s soccer game. As seen in photos, Tarek, 40, and Josh seemingly went for each other but were separated by their kid’s coach. Christina reacted to the whole drama that went down during the weekend. In a chat with Us Weekly, the reality television star’s representative addressed the situation, saying, “A personal matter was discussed and has since been resolved. We are focused on coparenting as a team moving forward.”

Meanwhile, more drama ensued after the photos were taken as Christina and Tarek’s son, Brayden, underwent an emergency appendectomy. On Mother’s Day, Christina updated her fans on her son’s well-being via a post on her Instagram Stories, expressing her sadness in seeing him go through excruciating pain. She showed on social media that she, Josh, Tarek and Heather put their initial differences aside to be there for Brayden. On Monday, May 9, the HGTV star also shared another post, revealing that Brayden’s health made everyone forget their differences and focus on working together.

Disagreements are bound to arise in every relationship. Also, it is common for exes to bicker over several issues, including custody arrangements. Christina and Tarek have handled their split and co-parenting relationship well until now, even though there have been arguments between them. Hence, their latest scuffle at the children’s soccer game would have raised many eyebrows. However, the former couple and their new spouses showed that their children will always come first as they put up a united front amid Brayden’s health emergency. One can only hope that whatever the disagreement was, Flip Or Flop star Christina, her husband Josh, ex-husband Tarek and his wife Heather will find a solution and remain at peace with each other.

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Source: Us Weekly

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