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Fan-Casting A Live-Action Version Of Batman: The Animated Series

It seems as though a lot of the attention from Batman fans goes to the live-action movies, including the newest reboot, The Batman. But one of the most acclaimed adaptations of the Caped Crusader was in Batman: The Animated Series.

Aside from the animated format, the show was its own distinct take on the world of Batman and its characters. The versions of Batman, his allies, and his villains seen in the show stood out so well on their own, that it would be interesting to see Batman: The Animated Series given the live-action treatment and the actors who would bring these iterations to life.

Though Batman: The Animated Series handled many of the classic Batman characters wonderfully, it also created an iconic original character with Harley Quinn. As soon as Joker’s wild and loyal minion was introduced, she became a fan favorite.

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While Margot Robbie has done a great job as Harley in the DCEU, Zoey Deutch would be better suited for the sillier version of the character. Look no further than her hilarious role in Zombieland 2 to see how effectively she can steal scenes in a smaller comedic role.

Mr. Freeze already existed in the comics by the time he appeared on the show, but Batman: The Animated Series gave the villain a tragic backstory that became the most popular take on the character. Though he was a cold and remorseless bad guy, he was also determined to save his sick wife whom he kept cryogenically frozen.

Mark Strong already has experience playing DC villains in Green Lantern and Shazam, but it is clear how good he would be as Freeze. He has the calm yet menacing persona but can also pull off a sadness behind his eyes.

The show sometimes explores the public’s apprehension about Batman and it is best seen with the character of Harvey Bullock. He is the Gotham cop who is least trusting of the Caped Crusader, but he is also a fun character with a tough guy attitude and a cranky sense of humor.

Brendan Fraser will soon be stepping into the DC world as the villain in Batgirl. But his recent role in the crime thriller No Sudden Move has him playing the role of an impatient gangster who fits the mold of Bullock perfectly.

Two-Face’s origin on the show made for one of the series’ best episodes. Fans are introduced to Harvey Dent as a friend of Bruce Wayne and the professional new district attorney. But after an accident leaves him horribly scarred, Dent embraces his darker side.

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Idris Elba’s star-power might be distracting yet he can also work well in an ensemble like The Harder They Fall. But it is his role as Stringer Bell in The Wire that really shows how well he can pull off the duality of a villain like Two-Face.

It wouldn’t be a Batman project without Alfred by the hero’s side. The show’s version of the trusty butler stands out thanks to his dry sense of humor and willingness to question Bruce. But he is also the gentle presence in Batman’s life that is very much needed.

Oscar-winner Mark Rylance is very good at playing those soft-spoken yet impactful characters. His role in Bridge of Spies mixed that dignified grace and understated humor that is needed for this take on Alfred.

There has often been a fun balance between an enemy and love interest with Catwoman and Batman: The Animated Series is no different. This version of the master thief is intelligent, cool, and badass while also being an ally to Batman at times.

Though Zoe Kravitz earned a lot of praise for her recent take on Catwoman, Janelle Monae would be well suited for this more experienced Catwoman. She has that confident swagger that feels like she could walk into any situation and take over.

Jim Gordon has always been a great ally to Batman in most versions and Batman: The Animated Series is no different. This version of the character is a serious and gruff cop who is fully dedicated to keeping Gotham safe.

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With the end of Brooklyn 99, Andre Braugher just wrapped up playing an overly serious yet highly effective high-ranking policeman. Though Braugher was hilarious in the role, he could also pull off Gordon’s grim nature and gravitas.

Ever since the Joel Schumacher movies, the live-action Batman adventures have seemed shy about bringing Robin into the story. But Batman: The Animated Series proved the sidekick could work effectively as he is the young and somewhat impulsive hero who Batman can nonetheless count on at all times.

Darren Barnet found his breakout role in Netflix’s coming-of-age series Never Have I Ever. He excels at playing the somewhat self-involved star athlete who proves that he has more heart than expected.

While actors like Heath Ledger and Joaquin Phoenix have won Oscars for playing Batman’s greatest enemy, this show’s version of Joker is one of the most beloved. Voiced by Mark Hamill, Joker is presented as a wacky and unpredictable criminal who still maintains the character’s menacing side.

Tom Hiddleston has had plenty of success playing a comic book villain who always has another trick up his sleeve. As Loki in the MCU, Hiddleston has been funny and frightening all in the same scene while still entertaining fans.

Batman: The Animated Series very much embraces Batman’s detective nature and presents him as a hero of the noir genre. As Bruce Wayne, he is a suave man hiding a dark secret, and as Batman, he is a brooding crime-fighter who will stop at nothing.

Jon Hamm’s look has had fans casting him in superhero roles for years, but this version of Batman is the right fit. His work in Mad Men shows how great he can be at playing those intense, secretive, and compelling men.

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