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Elden Ring Doesn't Tell You A Hidden Trick To Make Torrent Faster

The world of Elden Ring is massive and would take hours to walk across the Lands Between, but Tarnished can summon Torrent for faster movement. Players are given a horse early in their adventure and can call him by using the Spectral Steed Whistle. Thanks to some research compiled in a video, the fastest method of traversal via Torrent is now open to the community, even though Elden Ring doesn’t openly state it.

After triggering a cutscene with Melina and unlocking Torrent in Elden Ring, the game’s open world opens up considerably, allowing Tarnished to travel more quickly between various places on the map. Even with the existing fast-travel system that allows Tarnished to warp between sites of grace, Torrent remains one of the best ways to get around while exploring the world and moving between points of interest.

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By using the Spectral Steed Whistle, Torrent can be summoned just about anywhere in the overworld, and players can use their dash button while riding Torrent to move into a quick gallop. While horse combat in Elden Ring is generally unrealistic, riding in to attack a foe and narrowly dodging out of the way is consistently satisfying. Even better, dashing on Torrent doesn’t cost any stamina outside of combat, and it’s a great way to get away from enemies – even enemies that are alarmingly fast themselves. Up until now, players thought that pressing the action once and holding it down was Torrent’s maximum speed. But there’s actually a way to make Torrent gallop even faster.

Content creator Last Protagonist uploaded a video to YouTube on April 12, 2022, showing a speed test conducted on the spectral steed. They showed a side-by-side comparison of Torrent traveling the same distance under three different circumstances. The dash button was pressed once in the first scenario, and the middle footage showed the horse’s speed if the button was held down. Lastly, the dash button was repeatedly pressed. The result was a staggering 2:20 (in seconds) saved by “mashing” the action. This may not seem like a lot, but the time can add up over longer distances, or when outrunning enemies. This cool traversal method in Elden Ring is now the fastest form of movement, outside of glitches and exploits.

This small detail shows how much remains to be explored and detailed about FromSoftware’s latest opus. The amount of content in the game is enough to keep fans coming back and trying out new playstyles, doing quests in different orders, and experimenting with different tools. Even the most mundane question may end up having an answer, as Last Protagonist discovered in their video. Elden Ring surely holds many more mysteries waiting to be explored and documented by avid fans.

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Source: Last Protagonist/YouTube

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