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Recent news from Bioware has informed fans that Dragon Age 4 is still in development and that there is no release date confirmed. It’s been 13 years since Dragon Age: Origins was released and players were introduced to one of the most important RPG characters of all time, Morrigan, the powerful Korcari Wilds apostate and daughter of the legendary Flemeth. 

Always mysterious, calculating, knowledgeable and a bit unsociable, Morrigan can be a difficult character to interact with, win her trust and get to know entirely. Her reappearance in Dragon Age: Inquisition, other DLC, and comics of the franchise has revealed little known information about the story of Morrigan.

Although she appears in Dragon Age: Inquisition as the arcane advisor of Empress Celene of Orlais and seems to make her way through the elite social circles of the powerful figures of Thedas, Morrigan was raised in the Wilds by Flemeth alone, and didn’t have interactions with anyone else until later in life. 

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As she recounts in one of her dialogues in Dragon Age: Origins, in her youth, she started to venture into human cities to satisfy her curiosity and learn about her own race, but she admits to the Hero of Ferelden that she found most social interactions puzzling. It was so difficult for her to follow the social norms that she later decided to go back with Flemeth and continue her life far away from the annoying formalities of humans.

Flemeth is a strong and immortal shapeshifter that lives in the Wilds and is hunted down by Templars.  Greatly feared because of her powerful magic and unclear origins that suggest she is an abomination, she encounters many who desire to kill her, and Morrigan was a vital tool for the Witch of the Wilds to sabotage their missions. 

Morrigan would be instructed to act like a frightened and vulnerable girl who needed help. In Dragon Age: Origins she shares with the Warden how she would make Templars follow her into the forest and meet their mother’s deadly destiny. Both saw it as something fun to play, as their tactic was always unmatched and soldiers were amusingly fooled. 

There is a potential clue about Morrigan’s childhood hidden in the book World of Thedas Volume 2. She appears to be registered in a templar’s testimony that recounts the sight of an approximately 12-year-old girl roaming the Korcari Wilds and dressed as a Chasind tribe member. 

The encounter concludes with a shapeshifting and nature-control demonstration of power that made the templars run away immediately in fear. Even at such a young age, Morrigan appears to prove herself as an ideal disciple and skilled mage. As an adult, she would carry on her practices and hunt down templars to murder them. 

Morrigan was told all kinds of stories by her mother when she was growing up, and although she recognizes there’s no certainty of whether they are true or not, one of them explains Flemeth’s past differently than the most known legend about her. If the Warden asks about it in Dragon Age: Origins, Morrigan will share it.

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The popular tale says she was the wife of a lord named Conobar and that she had a passionate affair with a poet named Osen, which was murdered for Flemeth’s infidelity. But according to Flemeth’s version, her husband was Osen and was killed by Conobar, who wanted to take her as his wife. She then summoned spirits to avenge Osen successfully and much later made a deal with a “demon” to possess her. 

In the comic book release Dragon Age: The Silent Grove fans were introduced to Yavana, another powerful Witch of the Wilds, daughter of Flemeth, and consequently, sister of Morrigan. The Beast of the Tellari Swamps is met by beloved characters that fans hope return for Dragon Age 4, King Alistair, Varric Tethras and Isabela on a journey to look for King Maric. 

Yavana lives in a dragon sanctuary where she controls one of the supposedly extinct creatures. She eventually points out how Morrigan does not understand the gift that comes with being chosen by Flemeth. Even further on she reveals she was the one who brought dragons back to the world. 

In this DLC the Hero of Ferelden tries to find Morrigan after she and her newborn baby disappear. The Warden follows some hints that suggest Morrigan is trying to use an Eluvian to enter The Fade and finds her when she is about to go into the elven mirror. 

Depending on the player’s decisions this last scene of the downloadable content may have three outcomes: the Warden may follow Morrigan into the Eluvian (if romanced in the main game), say a last goodbye, or stab her and make her fall into the mirror. 

If the player decides to perform Morrigan’s black ritual or have one of the best romances from the franchise with her in Dragon Age: Origins, a young boy named Kieran will make a brief appearance in Inquisition. If asked about it, Morrigan will explain how the Hero of Ferelden and herself are still together, how both raised Kieran, and how they will eventually reunite.  

This is not the only outcome though. The multiple endings of the first game lead to different storylines about Morrigan and her son. Kieran’s father may be the Warden, Alistair, or Loghain Mac Tir. Also, he may behold the soul of the Old God Urthemiel, be a normal young boy or not exist at all.

The unique color of Morrigan’s eyes suggests a clear connection between her mother Flemeth and her sister Yavana, who also have golden irises. Although the easier explanation for this is genetics, it’s unresolved why Kieran does not have the same physical trait. 

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Many speculations between fans consider the possibility of it having something to do with Mythal, given the fact that Abelas (the sentinel elf that protects Mythal’s temple) is the only other character that also has yellow eyes. This would imply a destiny for Morrigan that has already been chosen and that follows the plans and desires of the goddess 

When the Inquisitor first meets Morrigan in the Winter Palace she is wearing a distinctly sexy, elegant, and imposing dress. A long dark skirt, a black tight corset, and a red long sleeve top with a wide cleavage show Morrigan’s undeniable beauty, but given her lack of interest in high couture it is wondered how she achieved such a stunning look. 

There is no official story behind it, but there is a dialogue in Dragon Age: Origins between Leliana and Morrigan where the rogue suggests making her a dark red velvet dress with golden embroidery. She also points out the need of a prominent cleavage and a hairstyle that embellishes her long neck.  

In this text-based decision-making spin-off game, you meet The Scornful Sorceress, the arcane advisor of Empress Celene. Her title and mysterious manners make her unidentifiable to the player, until some right choices and earned approval make her reveal herself as the daughter of Flemeth. Meaning, that she is Morrigan.  

This browser game was released between Dragon Age II and Dragon Age: Inquisition and revealed some information about Morrigan, but it was shut down from EA platforms. This decision made a lot of fans start a social media campaign to save the game and keep it available for players.

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