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Destiny 2: Everything You Need For Season 17 | Screen Rant

The beginning of Season 17 in Destiny 2 starts on May 24 during the weekly reset, giving players two weeks to prepare for new content. Additionally, this is also the time to begin finishing up all content that is exclusive to Season of the Risen, such as the seasonal challenges and pass. Although there is a lot that Guardians can do in anticipation of Season 17, there are only a few key things to keep in mind as players begin to complete their checklist.

The second week of the 2022 Guardian Games has begun, so players will want to make they grab Heir Apparent and its Catalyst in Destiny 2 before both of them become unobtainable for another year. The Guardian Games event is one of the final in-game activities that players can participate in, alongside a final week of Iron Banner. However, once Season 17 begins, the Guardian Games will conclude, and players will need to wait another year before they can participate in them again. The event has made it exceptionally easy to obtain Enhancement Shards and Nightfall weapons, so Guardians should fully take advantage of the opportunity to stock up on these and other materials through the Guardian Games before it ends.

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In addition to Heir Apparent, a new Guardian Games SMG called The Title in Destinywill be available for players to earn as long as the event is active. Similar to other weapons that have been linked to an in-game event, The Title will no longer be available once the 2022 Guardian Games have ended. Players should attempt to earn The Title’s God Roll while completing their checklist for Season 17 preparation.

As the Season of the Risen begins to wrap up in its final weeks, Guardians should begin saving their bounties after completing them rather than turning them in. With Iron Banner returning for one final week, players can easily complete the four weekly bounties that Lord Saladin has to offer for each of their characters. Once Season of the Risen ends in Destiny 2 cashing in these bounties will provide a large boost to the next season’s pass. All characters are linked to the same season pass in Destiny 2, so completing the Iron Banner bounties for each class will contribute to increasing the levels of the pass. This will also contribute to leveling up the Seasonal Artifact Mod as well.

Guardians can also complete the following Weekly Bounties for XP++ rewards and save them as well. Additionally, players can also complete the five weekly bounties from Ada-1 to max out on their synth weaves for each character. Only 10 synth weaves can be earned per character per season, so the final two weeks allow for the perfect time to complete these bounties on every character. After completing the Weekly Bounties, players should focus on the Daily Bounties for Crucible, Vanguard, and Gambit activities in Destiny 2, as well as those from Banshee-44 and Saint-14 so they can max out on the total 63 bounties that can be held.

When Season 17 begins in Destiny 2, the weapon crafting materials that will be removed are Ruinous, Adroit, Mutable, Drowned, and Energetic Elements. Only Neutral Elements will remain as far as the Legendary crafting materials are concerned. Ascendant Alloys will still be part of the game for shaping weapons with enhanced perks, and it’s likely that Resonant Alloys and Drowned Alloys will still be part of Season 17, too. Players who have been farming the Legendary crafting materials in Destiny 2, however, may want to use them before they’re removed from the game.

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Iron Banner Tokens will no longer be part of Destiny 2 after Season of the Risen ends. Players should spend the tokens they have with Lord Saladin during the final week of Iron Banner from May 10 to May 17 on the weekly reset. Similarly, Etheric Spirals will be the only planetary material removed from the game. Players that have a large stockpile of them should exchange their Etheric Spirals with Master Rahool in the Tower before Season 16 ends.

Guardians that find themselves with an excess of Glimmer should craft Exotic Sparrows and store them in their Vault. This is the easiest way to farm Glimmer in Destiny 2, and it’s particularly useful for Etheric Spirals since the exchange rate is 20 of the planetary material for 10,000 Glimmer. Using 7,500 Glimmer and five Legendary Shards, players can craft Exotic Sparrows and store them in their Vault until they need to dismantle them. All Legendary Shards will be returned upon dismantling a crafted Sparrow, but only 5,000 Glimmer will be earned back. Although players are losing 2,500 Glimmer on this exchange, it’s better than losing all potential Glimmer from not exchanging any of the Etheric Spirals in the first place. Note, this only applies to players that already have max Glimmer, and can afford to craft Sparrows with their abundance of materials.

While stockpiling on materials and bounties, players should complete as many Seasonal Challenges as possible to reach level 100 in the Season Pass. Rewards like the Grand Overture Exotic Machine Gun This will help players reach level 100 in the Season of the Risen pass more quickly, allowing them to claim the rewards before Season 17 begins. As long as Guardians reach level 100 in the pass, however, they will be able to claim their Season of the Risen items online at a later date. Completing the Seasonal Challenges will also help players earn a large amount of Bright Dust.

Additionally, there are also five titles that players can gild in Season of the Risen before it ends, namely Conqueror, Unbroken, Deadeye, Dredgen, and Flawless. Once the next season begins, these titles will all be reset, so Guardians should finish up whichever titles they’re looking to guild within the next two weeks of Destiny 2. Lastly, players should try to complete the Season of the Risen Triumphs located in the general tab, particularly those that task players with earning the season’s ritual weapon ornaments from playlist activities.

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Destiny 2 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Google Stadia platforms.

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