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Apex Legends Mobile: Fade Character Guide (Best Tips & Strategies)

Apex Legends Mobile arrives on iOS and Android with a splash, launching with its own unique legend along with other quality of life improvements. Fade is the newest legend to arrive in Apex Legends but only on mobile. However, his insanely aggressive loadout makes him a worthwhile investment to play the Mobile version.

Thanks to the addition of perks in Apex Legends Mobile, Fade has even more tools than the average Legend in the console or PC version. Perks are a new set of skills that Legends have access to in this version of Apex Legends. They are simple additions, yet they add enough depth to change the game significantly.

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As for Fade specifically, his abilities make him into an offensive powerhouse, unlike Newcastle, the new legend for consoles and PC. First off, his passive, Slipstream, allows for a quick movement speed boost after a slide. Since sliding is so integral to Apex Legends’ movement, giving a speed boost to it can make Fade move at a breakneck pace. Using it to engage in quick combat and then get out is where Fade excels, especially when paired with his tremendously versatile tactical. Flash Back allows Fade to slip into the void to a location he was at a few seconds ago. Think of it like Tracer’s Recall ability from Overwatch, only Fade does not recover lost HP or Shields. Using Slipstream to get in quickly, deal some quick damage, and maybe even secure an early knockdown, then Flashing Back to safety is an amazing combination.

Fade’s ultimate in Apex Mobile is his most difficult to use and polarizing ability. For his ultimate, Fade throws a Phase Chamber that sends those trapped within into the void for 5 seconds. For those trapped, are dealt minimal damage and forced into the void, where they move slowly, and cannot receive or deal damage. The best way to use this ultimate is to try and trap 1 or 2 players in the void, leaving them a player down for a few seconds. Trapping an entire team is nice and can allow for reloads, heals, and repositioning for Fade’s squad, but since the victims are also safe from damage, it is tough to take full advantage of it when all are trapped. Leaving one teammate out of the radius can leave them massively exposed and gives Fade’s squad a single target to focus fire on.

Fade’s abilities make him a deadly offensive threat and he should be used as such, however, since Fade is meant to be played aggressively, players can be downed in bad spots, so they should take advantage of his strongest perk, Punisher’s Remorse. With this perk, Fade can use Flash Back while knocked down, returning to the safety of his teammates even after being knocked, denying the enemy team an immediate kill. Using Slipstream to engage, Flash Back and Punisher’s Remorse to disengage, and Phase Chamber to create openings, Fade’s toolkit is quite powerful.

Finally, being lethal with all forms of firearms is important because Fade is meant to be a heavy damage dealer, so if players find themselves having a tough time adapting to the mobile format, team deathmatch is a very valuable asset to have. Being able to quickly respawn and practice using abilities and guns is essential to mastering Apex Legends Mobile‘s combat system. However, Fade is a great way for new and experienced players to have viable ways to begin and escape conflicts. With Fade and Newcastle introduced, Apex Legends’ future looks bright, on and off mobile.

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Apex Legends Mobile is available on iOS and Android.

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