ADC most credible alternative to APC, says chairman

The African Democratic Congress (ADC) says it is the most credible alternative political party to the ruling APC that can produce a technocrat, expert and visionary president if given a chance in the 2023 presidential election.

ADC national chairman Ralph Nwosu declared this on Thursday, describing the party as a grassroots party, with a strong youth force made up of young, urban professionals with the capacity to pursue a just cause.

He said that as the country was gearing toward the 2023 general elections, many powerful and prominent technocrats and experts in their chosen fields were beginning to identify with the party and its vision.

According to him, no doubt, ADC is the most credible alternative political party that can produce the next president of Nigeria.

“As we all know, ADC is a strong political party that has stood the test of time and remains a powerful youth base and grassroots oriented party. As we gear toward 2023, we are beginning to receive calls from highly respected Nigerians who have at one point or the other, held public offices and delivered on its mandates,” said Mr Nwosu.

He added, “Over 10 experts and technocrats with excellent record of service in the public sector and others with outstanding passion and services to humanity have signified interest to contest for president on our platform, the ADC.”

Mr Nwosu mentioned that the party’s door “is open” to potential presidential aspirants. 

“Regardless of the number of aspirants that have bought the party’s form, we will field our best aspirant and the people’s choice,” noted the ADC chair. “We will give him or her all the support needed to contest and win the election.”

Mr Nwosu urged Nigerians to give visionary technocrats and economic experts the opportunity to revive the nation come 2023.

He urged Nigerians, especially youths to get involved and participate actively in all electoral processes to have a say in government at all levels.

The ADC boss also encouraged those without Permanent Voter Cards (PVCs) to get registered and acquire PVCs to vote at the 2023 general polls. 


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