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10 Quotes That Prove Amy & Penny Have The Best Big Bang Theory Friendship

Kaley Cuoco (Penny) and Mayim Bialik (Amy) have been busy since ending their time on The Big Bang Theory. Cuoco’s The Flight Attendant is in the middle of its second season and Bialik has the potential of being a permanent host on Jeopardy!, according to The Sun

Although both actresses have moved on to other projects, they’ll be forever known as best friends, Penny and Amy on TBBT. After Amy joined the series at the end of season 3, she and Penny slowly became unconventional best friends who had nothing in common but found common ground anyway. Leonard and Sheldon are known for their bromance quotes, but Amy and Penny’s quotes on their friendship aren’t far behind.

When Amy and Sheldon got engaged, it was assumed that Bernadette would be Amy’s Maid of Honor since Amy was Bernadette’s in her wedding to Howard. However, with Amy being so close to Penny, she was torn. Not wanting to hurt anyone’s feelings, she put both women through secret tests to see which woman would make the best MOH.

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When Penny heard that Amy was leaning towards choosing Bernadette, Penny realized that Amy was her best friend because of how jealous she felt. Realizing that Amy was her best friend while talking to Leonard was one that summed up Amy and Penny’s friendship.

Some fans didn’t think it made sense how Amy’s personality shifted so drastically from her first episode to her next. However, it could be argued that Amy let her guard down as she became more comfortable with the group.

So when the group went on a road trip for a science convention they were a part of, Amy invited Penny to tag along since they stayed at a resort and spa. Because of the kind gesture, Penny warmed up to Amy and they became closer on this trip. During the panel, Amy even gave Penny a shoutout and said “Hi, bestie!”

Amy and Sheldon’s relationship timeline was bumpy at times. As much as they loved each other, Sheldon was always 10 steps behind Amy.

In ‘The Weekend Vortex,’ Amy was excited to introduce Sheldon to her family but he opted to play video games with his friends instead. Amy was upset by Sheldon’s actions and went to Penny’s apartment afterward to vent and drink. The more Penny heard about the situation, the quicker she defended Amy to Sheldon, saying this funny yet adorable quote.

Leonard had a handful of relationships before settling down with Penny. One of his more serious girlfriends was Priya, Raj’s sister. What made Priya and Leonard so strong was their mutual brilliance. They had a lot in common and unlike Penny, Priya understood Leonard’s work.

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When Amy heard how serious Leonard and Priya were getting, she went over to Penny’s as fast as she could to make sure she was okay. Ever the romantic, Amy’s quote was a little too honest yet endearing.

Fans knew Amy and Penny were at a best friend level when they learned that Amy taught Penny her secret language, Ubbi Dubbi. As described, the language was close to Pig Latin and was created by Amy when she was a kid. In previous episodes, Penny was unenthused after hearing about Amy’s made-up language but in ‘The Veracity Elasticity,’ Penny had a change of heart.

While talking in front of Leonard and Sheldon, Penny proved how close she was to Amy by speaking to her in Ubbi Dubbi. While Sheldon and Leonard spoke Klingon, Ubbi Dubbi was harder because it was a language only Amy knew.

In ‘The Rothman Disintegration,’ Penny was stunned when Amy gifted her a massive, $3,000 oil painting of their faces. Amy wanted to gift Penny something she didn’t already have that described their friendship.

As much as Penny liked Amy at this time, she didn’t realize how much Amy appreciated her until that moment. Penny was taken back by the sheer size of the painting and didn’t love it, which upset Amy. But by the end of the episode, Penny assured Amy that she needed her in her life. While some thought Penny’s behavior got worse and worse throughout TBBT, this episode proved how much growth she made.

In ‘The Skank Reflex Analysis,’ Leonard and Penny’s relationship timeline was on hold when he was seeing other people and Penny accidentally made out with Raj. After waking up in bed with Raj, Penny was humiliated by her actions and felt it was best to move back to Nebraska.

Amy reminded Penny that she couldn’t leave California because, without her, Amy’s social life would be inconsequential. Seeing what an impact Penny made on Amy’s life in such a short time was what made their friendship one of the best.

Although Penny told Leonard at the start of their relationship that she was interested in having kids, her tune changed after marriage. She loved their life and didn’t want things to change by adding kids to the mix. Because of this, it didn’t make sense that Leonard and Penny ended up getting pregnant in season 12 since she was so against it.

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Nevertheless, When Amy heard that Penny didn’t want kids, she was beside herself. Without Penny’s kids, who was going to protect and play with Amy’s kids? The hilarious line showed how deep Amy and Penny’s friendship was.

In ‘The Monetary Insufficiency,’ Penny and Bernadette helped Amy look for a wedding dress. The three women had very different tastes, which is why Penny and Bernadette were stunned at Amy’s favorite dress. It was larger than expected and Penny didn’t love it.

But when Penny asked Amy why she cared so much about her opinion, Amy mentioned that Penny wasn’t just the coolest person she knew, but she was also the prettiest and best-dressed. Their bond could have rivaled Howard and Raj’s with this line.

Aside from Amy, Penny’s friendship with Sheldon was another fan favorite on TBBT. Since Sheldon didn’t know a thing about relationships, Penny gave him great advice when it came to Amy.

In ‘The Shiny Trinket Maneourvre,’ Penny was waiting on Sheldon and Amy’s table at The Cheesecake Factory and overheard Amy tell Sheldon some exciting news for her career. Sheldon, however, only cared about his Twitter account and ignored her big news. Amy stepped away to compose herself and Penny stepped in as her best friend to teach Sheldon what he did wrong.

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