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10 Movies That Should Never Get Sequels, According To Reddit

Along with experiencing the trippy and terrifying Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, audiences a finally getting to see the very first footage of Avatar 2. The long-awaited sequel’s trailer is attached to the MCU movie, and while it doesn’t give much away in terms of plot, fans are amazed by the ground-breaking effects.

However, while fans have been wanting an Avatar follow-up for 13 years, there are many other movies that they hope don’t get the sequel treatment. Despite a movie being good or bad, what mostly determines its chances of getting a sequel is its box office success, and Redditors are praying that studios don’t get greedy by releasing sequels to classics that don’t need them. But Redditors also have some unpopular opinions, and they namedrop a couple of movies that audiences would love sequels to.

The Shawshank Redemption was a sleeper hit when it was released in 1994, but since then, it has become one of the most popular movies ever and is the highest-rated movie of all time on IMDb. Because of its status and legacy, Jonny5663 doesn’t think the movie should get a below-par sequel.

However, the Redditor thinks like a studio exec and imagines how it could happen, “I can see it now. The sequel tells of Andy and Red being thrown back in prison for smuggling drugs across the Mexican border.” Not only should there not be a sequel, but there shouldn’t be a remake either, as Morgan Freeman and Tim Robbins’ performances of Red and Andy are so iconic that Shawshank couldn’t be rebooted.

JagerSZN doesn’t want to see a Django Unchained sequel, arguing, “Django does not need one.” But while many wouldn’t suspect a sequel to Django Unchained to ever happen and Tarantino isn’t one to make sequels, that doesn’t mean it’ll never happen. Not only has Tarantino tried to get sequels off the ground before, but he has a very specific one in mind for Django.

Django and Zorro is a comic book that followed the movie and it sees the freed slave joining forces with the masked vigilante, and Tarantino was working with Jerrod Carmichael to develop the screenplay. Unfortunately, there haven’t been any recent updates, and it may be stuck in development hell. But there’s no denying that it would have been another blood-soaked revenge flick.

HammyFbaby points to the 1998 Coen brothers-directed classic, The Big Lebowski, as the movie that should never get a sequel. The Redditor notes, “that movie is perfect the way it is.” The Big Lebowski is the ultimate stoner comedy, and despite not being dramatic or emotional, features career-best performances from Jeff Bridges and John Goodman.

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However, though it isn’t a direct sequel and almost none of the characters return, there is a spin-off sequel that was released just three years ago, 21 years after The Big Lebowski’s theatrical release. The Jesus Rolls follows Jesus newly released from prison, and it was critically scathed and hated by fans. It’s the perfect example of why some classics should never get sequels.

Titanic is one of the best movies of the 1990s, and CptnSpandex is the first to mention that it shouldn’t get the sequel treatment. While it initially seems impossible to make a follow-up to Titanic, stranger things have happened, and there are plenty of ways it could have been done.

The 1997 movie grossed over $2 billion and remained the highest-grossing movie for 12 years until it was dethroned by Avatar. But despite Hollywood generally following the money, even Paramount knows not to make a follow-up to Titanic. However, B-movie studio Asylum made an unofficial sequel, Titanic II, which is a parody of disaster movies in general, and it feels more like Poseidon than Titanic.

420Santi is against a Joker 2, arguing, “it really isn’t necessary at all and there’s a higher possibility of them screwing it up.” Where most movies that Redditors mention are unlikely to ever get sequels at this point, Joker is easily the likeliest, as writer-director Todd Phillips is currently writing the screenplay.

If anything, audiences and fans of the movie want to see a sequel to Joker more than any other film simply out of pure intrigue of where it will go next, regardless of if it’s good or bad. There are so many different directions the movie could go in, whether it’s following Arthur Fleck (Joaquin Phoenix) fully become the clown prince of crime, seeing other villains come into the fold, or bringing Batman into it. Not only that, but Phoenix is seemingly against sequels, so it’d be interesting to see him reprise his role as Arthur Fleck at the very least.

Beetlejuice is one of the most-unique looking comedies ever and has a totally original premise, so many fans would undoubtedly want to see the character return, even 34 years later. However, even though they’re in the minority, Ofsquire doesn’t want to see it. There have been so many reports that a Beetlejuice sequel is in development over the years, including the fact that it was going to follow the bio-exorcist jet setting to Hawaii.

As Michael Keaton had an incredible comeback in the 2010s and is reprising his role as Bruce Wayne in the upcoming The Flash, he could follow Keanu Reeves’ success and reprise more of his iconic roles. Seeing an older, more undead Beetlejuice vaycay in Hawaii could be hilarious if done right. And as long as there’s a great comedy director behind the camera, original writer-director Tim Burton wouldn’t even need to return.

Trylobyte wants nothing less than a sequel to the mind-blowing and influential sci-fi action movie, Inception, noting, “I was actually worried when there was that theory that Tenet is a sequel and Robert Pattinson was Leo’s son.” The Redditor is referring to the fact that many fans thought that Tenet was a secret sequel to Inception after all of the time-bending and sci-fi concepts that were revealed in the trailers.

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And given how director Christopher Nolan is known to subvert expectations, surprise audiences, and deliver shocking mic-drop twists, and could have happened. While that could have made the movie either better or worse depending on how it was approached, cinephiles always rely on Nolan to bring them original movies, so any kind of Inception follow-up would be a waste of his talent.

Socks131 thinks a Gladiator 2 would be terrible, and though a Gladiator sequel might seem unlikely, as Maximus dies at the end, it’s still being considered by Universal. A Gladiator sequel has been in development hell for years, And at one point, details of Nick Cave’s screenplay for the follow-up were revealed, which saw Maximus fighting in every war there has ever been, and it ends with him in the Vietnam War.

With the screenplay being such a “love it or hate it” approach, it’s no wonder that the movie is still being workshopped. But as The Northman has proved that strange fantasy swords-and-sandals movies can be great, there’s still hope for the Gladiator sequel yet.

Knives Out was one of the biggest and most surprising successes of 2019, as the murder mystery movie massively overperformed at the box office and has become one of the most beloved films with an ensemble cast. But though Netflix has spent hundreds of millions of dollars on two sequels, Vikingduck03 doesn’t think that’s a good idea. The Redditor argues, “they’re probably going to double down on Daniel Craig, and their existence will make the first one just a little less special.”

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However, the series could be a great anthology-like franchise, as it can see Detective Benoit Blanc globe-trot through exotic locations and picking up vastly different cases in each movie. And while Knives Out 2 is in post-production and Knives Out 3 is in development, who knows if it’ll even end there.

EMLZ666 doesn’t want to see a sequel to the cherished family movie, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, The Redditor notes, “Steven Spielberg said he specifically resisted studio pressure to make a sequel because he didn’t want to ruin the original’s purity.”

That’s such a commending move, as a sequel could have earned hundreds of millions of dollars with the director pocketing a good chunk of the money thanks to being a producer too. Spielberg essentially turned down millions of dollars because he didn’t want to ruin the integrity of the movie. However, he surely must have had to sign off on that strange Xfinity commercial that the alien featured in.

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