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X-Men's Most Innocent Member Is Becoming Their Next Big Bad

Warning: Spoilers for X-Men Unlimited Infinity Comic #32 ahead!

The previously mild-mannered and polite X-Man known as Nature Girl continues her journey into becoming a major eco-terrorist villain at Marvel Comics in the latest issue of X-Men Unlimited Infinity Comic. With the help of Augusta Bromes, the leader of the “Golden Girls” terrorist squad Hordeculture, Lin Li has undergone a monstrous transformation, truly earning the name “Nature Girl.”

Lin Li has been on quite an adventure since escaping from the Pit on Krakoa, continuing to team up with young mutant Curse, the longtime villain Sauron, and a dog Saoirse to form X-Men Green, a radical and exiled crew dedicated to fighting back against humanity’s scourge on planet Earth. The newest X-Men Green arc has seen the dangerous team come up against the might of both Namor and Black Panther, two characters who stopped the radicals from causing more harm, but also decided to not turn them into the Quiet Council of Krakoa.

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X-Men Unlimited #32 – written by Karla Pacheco (Spider-Woman: Bad Blood) with art by Emilio Laiso (Spider-Man: Velocity, Doctor Aphra) – follows the continued adventures of X-Men Green as they run away from Black Panther and Wakanda, using Curse’s mutant ability to teleport. Typically if Curse uses her powers in a positive way it causes a major backlash, but when they travel and apparently arrive at Hordeculture’s home base there is no backlash which surprises Curse, until their leader Augusta tells them, “Well, darlin’, that’s because we’re very good… but we’re not nice.” Since Hordeculture’s debut in 2019 they have quickly established themselves as a surprisingly tough villain of both the X-Men and the Avengers, acting as a group of agrochemists and bio-technologists fighting to reduce the human population of Earth, and return it back to its natural, healthy state.


It is quickly revealed that the powerful but mysterious staff crafted by Krakoa, from Krakoa, and gifted to Lin Li which was lost at sea in issue #30 was actually somehow teleported to Hordeculture’s greenhouse, where Augusta has been studying and analyzing it. She reports that her and the rest of Hordeculture have been unable to use the staff, let alone even touch it, but quickly encourages Nature Girl to follow her apparent destiny and reclaim the staff as her own. After having both her horns ripped off in issue #31, and her shadowy head marking spreading, it is clear that some kind of metaphysical transformation is happening to Lin, and touching Krakoa’s staff seems to be exactly what was needed for her to fully transform. The end of the issue ends with Nature Girl fully transformed into a chimeric beast, sporting sharp scraggly antlers, goat-like legs and feet, and scaly reptilian arms. Considering that Hordeculture is a much more organized and broadly dangerous group than X-Men Green, manipulating Nature Girl, Curse, and Sauron, Lin Li’s transformation into a potential “big bad” is even scarier, because now there could be some legitimate strategy behind X-Men Green’s violent attacks.

While Lin Li has been making a lot of terrible choices on her own since escaping from Krakoa, she is also still an intensely vulnerable young woman, and it is clear that Augusta of Hordeculture is abusing that vulnerability for her own evil ends. To see what Nature Girl will do as the newest big bad of Marvel Comics make sure to keep on reading the X-Men Unlimited Infinity Comic!

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X-Men Unlimited Infinity Comic #32 is now available on Marvel Unlimited.

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