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Where Does Jo Martin's Doctor Fit Into Timeline? Showrunner Won't Say

The current showrunner of Doctor Who explains why Jo Martin’s Fugitive Doctor doesn’t quite fit into the timeline of the series. The long-running series follows the exploits of a Time Lord who has the ability to regenerate form, allowing the series to recast the title character as time goes by. The current iteration of The Doctor, played by Jodie Whittaker, will be leaving the series after her final episode along with current showrunner Chris Chibnall, giving way to returning showrunner Russell T. Davies and a recast Doctor who has not been announced as of yet. While fans eagerly await news of who will be playing the role in Doctor Who season 14, there is a wrinkle to contend with: there already is another Doctor on the series.

Jo Martin has appeared on four episodes of the series as the Fugitive Doctor, originating in the 2020 episode “Fugitive of the Judoon.” The character is from an unknown timeline, though it has been confirmed that she is an iteration of The Doctor either from a distant past before the beginning of the series or from a future that hasn’t occurred yet on this timeline. This version of the Doctor, who has a dark side and a more hard-hearted temperment, is working with a mysterious organization known as the Division.

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Per Radio Times, the latest Doctor Who showrunner spoke to Doctor Who Magazine about why the show hasn’t revealed where the Fugitive Doctor lies on the Doctor Who timeline. He says that the writers have “deliberately” avoided making that point clear to add to the mythology of the series and keep viewers on their toes. In spite of this, he reveals that he does have his own opinion, but he’s “not going to share it with you.” Check out his full quote below:

While it is entirely likely that the Fugitive Doctor is from the future and may indeed be the main character of an upcoming season, that doesn’t mean that she will be The Doctor for season 14. It is not uncommon for current and former incarnations of The Doctor to interact, given the nature of their ability to time travel. Although Chibnall will not be the showrunner of the series for much longer, it would undermine the story he set up to have the answer revealed so quickly.

Likewise, if the next lead of Doctor Who was going to be Martin, it would probably have been announced already. On the other hand, season 14 isn’t coming to television screens until next year, so that may be a reason the announcement has been delayed. Ultimately, Chibnall has gotten his wish and viewers will remain completely in the dark about several of the show’s biggest mysteries until the show’s creators decide otherwise.

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Source: Radio Times

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