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Netflix’s hit social media competition show, The Circle, is back with season 4, and fans are eager to learn more about the new cast, release date, and twists of the season. Not only has the prize money from the season been upped from $100,000 to $150,000 but there are hints of legendary guest stars on the season that fans will have to see to believe. The Circle season 4 still has a mix of catfish and people playing themselves.

Now fans cannot wait to see how it all plays out in a brand new season. The Circle allows contestants to compete from behind a screen either as themselves or as their person of choice. They can choose the latter if they think they will appear more approachable.

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It has shown the power of perception as the cast goes through a series of social media challenges and has to win each other over without seeing one another in person. The catfish usually has mixed results in the game, as The Circle season 1 and 3’s winners, Joey Sasso and James Andre Jefferson, Jr., both won playing themselves. The Circle season 2 winner, DeLeesa St. Agathe, shocked fans with how well she was able to play her husband, Trevor, and the players were convinced Trevor was real until the finale.

The nine cast members of The Circle season 4 have already charmed fans with their fun intro packages. Intimacy coach assistant Alyssa Ljubicich, former Harlem Globetrotter Crissa Jackson, social worker Frank Grimsley, paranormal researcher Rachel Evans, and brand marketer Yu Ling Wu are all playing themselves this season. The catfishes of season 4 are Alex Brizard, John Franklin, Josh Brubaker, and Parker Abbott. Commercial banker Alex is going in as frat bro Nathan, while John will be playing as his mom, Carol, radio host Josh will be playing Bru, and sorority girl, Parker, will be going in as her dad, Paul..

In perhaps the most shocking moment of The Circle season 4’s trailer, it was hinted that the Spice Girls would play a part in the season. Though Netflix has been tight-lipped about exactly what role they will play in the show, fans cannot wait to see them on their screen in any capacity. The Circle‘s host extraordinaire, Michelle Buteau, promised a season with even more twists and teased a dramatic moment with an unknown “data breach” that left the cast reeling. Fans have said The Circle gets better every season and are excited to see what season 4 will bring.

Fans don’t have to wait very long for The Circle season 4 as it will be returning on May 4. Similar to the last three seasons, the episodes will not all be available all at once. The episodes will be split up over four weeks, meaning the finale will air on May 25. Four episodes will be released every week, so fans of The Circle season 4 will have a few episodes to binge on the premiere date.

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