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Welcome To Plathville: Why Isaac Plath Is Defending His Parents

Since his older brothers have moved out, Isaac Plath is starting to feel the pressure of responsibility on Welcome to Plathville. He is quickly growing up and has shown a great sense of maturity despite only being 16-years-old. His parents, Kim and Barry Plath have gained a reputation on the show, and Isaac is stepping in to defend them.

When Welcome to Plathville made its debut, the reality show centered on the family’s simple and easy way of living. The tight-knit family was portrayed as living an idyllic lifestyle far from unnecessary distractions and negative influences. The strict environment that Kim and Barry had cultivated proved to be too much. The older kids became restless as they wanted to experience life outside of their parent’s boundaries. Viewers watched as the family dynamic shifted toward resentment, frustration, and anger. Since most of their life has been on display in front of television cameras, fans have become very opinionated about the Plath family.

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It is no surprise that fame brings adoration as well as criticism. Kim and Barry are frequently a topic of conversation among fans as their children continue to seek independence. Since Isaac has joined the world of social media, he now finds himself defending his parents against the online hostility on Instagram. His older sister, Moriah Plath, recently shared a video on her Instagram account that quickly gained attention. She is seen doing a TikTok dance with her younger sisters, but fans were instead focused on Kim and Barry’s lack of arbitrary rules. One user wrote, “I thought her sisters couldn’t wear shorts or tank tops?” Isaac replied, “I don’t know what you mean by that! My sisters can wear anything they want, and I can guarantee you that my parents will be fine with it!”

Another user commented, “And of course, their mother would be mortified!” Isaac clapped back, writing, “She would not! That would make no sense because my parents are a lot more easygoing now than most of my friend’s parents!” Similar reactions were posted to the video with Isaac shutting it down, commenting, “I don’t get why people think that we don’t wear pants and don’t have sugar and don’t watch tv! Also I’m not gonna let TLC make a whole thing of me having my first Coke when I’m 21 cause I’ve been having soda literally every day for a long time now!” His sister-in-law who has had a rocky relationship with Kim and Barry, commented her thoughts, declaring, “I’m glad you younger kids have a different experience than us older ones.” 

It goes without arguing that Kim and Barry’s approach to parenting has been questionable at best. In their pursuit to keep the “junk of the world” away from their children, they imposed some bizarre and unconventional rules. They were proud of the fact that the kids didn’t watch TV, consume sugar, or play video games. The strict rules kept the kids sheltered to the point that they did not experience much of life beyond the family farm. It is typical for viewers to have questions and make assumptions after being so heavily invested in the show.

However, according to Isaac, it looks like things may be turning around for the better. Kim and Barry have admitted to making mistakes with their eldest kids, and it seems they are trying to rectify it with the younger ones. When Welcome to Plathville returns, viewers may see an entirely different side of Kim and Barry and their parenting abilities.

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Source: Moriah Plath/Instagram

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