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The Great Main Characters & Their Outlander Counterparts

With the release of the second season of The Great and the current airing of Outlander’s sixth installment, it’s been a wonderful few months for lovers of period piece television shows–with one covering period drama and the other, comedy.

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Although the shows could not be more different stylistically and tonally, there are distinct parallels between the main characters of the two shows. Between a protagonist wanting to change history, a bloodthirsty warmonger, and the countless other similar characters, the shows have more in common than first meets the eye.

Catherine, especially in this more modern retelling of her story, is a woman out of her own time. She wants equality for men and women, education for everyone, and general peace among nations. Her ideals, according to her and those around her, simply don’t belong in the time she inhabits–but she wants to change that.

Claire is the exact same way. Although she is literally from a modern time, she doesn’t hesitate to stand up for herself and her more liberal and new-age beliefs in the past. Claire’s enneagram is The Reformer; she wants to change the world around her and will stop at nothing to do so. Catherine has that same passion for change.

No matter what, Jamie’s first priority was Claire–even if their marriage started out of need, they fell in love anyway. Like Catherine and Leo, she never planned to feel as close to him as she did, but love intervened. Jamie completely summed up his personality when he told Claire that she had his name, clan, and the protection of his body.

Leo had that exact same feeling for Catherine. Unfortunately for the two of them, the strength of his love was tested with the sacrifice of his body, and he gave his life for Catherine’s cause. Jamie would have done the same thing without hesitation.

Some people love fighting for the sake of fighting, and that could definitely be said for Velementov. He does, however, have a somewhat decent set of priorities that allow him to see that Catherine is the more qualified leader. He knows that fighting alongside Catherine is the right choice.

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Dougal MacKenzie had a similar fervor for battle and war. He loved going out onto the field and didn’t always want to strategize–something Catherine has to remind Velementov to do. Dougal, also like Velementov, was able to recognize intellect and bravery. He respected Claire for her know-how and strength, the same way Velementov respects Catherine.

When he’s introduced to the audience and Catherine, Peter is incorrigible. He practically forces himself on Catherine, regularly cheats on her, kills anyone that he wants to, and has a general arrogance and disrespect for those around him. He also wants the crown but doesn’t really know how to rule.

Louis XV does the same–becoming a low-key villain on Outlander. He makes Claire sleep with him to get what she wants, makes people wait on him hand and foot, and even needs an audience to use the bathroom. However, Peter also has the naivety and aloof nature that the Bonny Prince has and the desire to rule but no know-how. He’s even been known to say “Mark me” on occasion.

Ned is the first person Claire turns to when she needs academic or legal advice. Ned is an expert at everything that he specializes in, and he’s incredibly loyal to boot, risking his reputation and life to save Claire and have her back when she needs him.

Orlo is one of the first people that Catherine bonds with about academics and learning–mirroring that instant closeness that Claire had with Ned. Orlo risks his life to support Catherine and her dreams for the country’s future and works with her to properly plan out the logistics of it all.

Marial is an interesting character. One on hand, she begins to feel a close friendship with Catherine, although it is always shadowed by the power dynamic between the two. She seemed loyal, but then chose the wrong side when push came to shove. However, at the end of the day, she chose Catherine–even if part of the reason was to save her own skin.

Master Raymond and Claire have a real friendship. The trust between them is broken, though, when Master Raymond tricks Claire into offering the Comte poison. He helps her when she’s in need and is even a low-key hero when he saves her life after her miscarriage, but his only true loyalty is to himself and his safety.

If there is one character on The Great who is the most loyal and true friend, it’s Grigor. He would give the clothes off his back for Peter, spend hours entertaining him outside a window, and risk his life for Peter’s safety and happiness. He even gives up on love for Peter’s sake.

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Murtagh, much like Grigor, values loyalty above all else. He gave up on his love for the sake of Jamie’s mother’s happiness and pledged to protect Jamie and make sure that he was happy–which he did over and over again. He followed Jamie anywhere without question, which is something he and Grigor have in common.

Although their causes were different–Geillis’s main mission was to change the outcome of the war and Georgina’s is to stay in Peter’s good graces–their commitment to their causes and sacrifices made were the same. They even both committed adultery in order to move their agendas forward.

While Geillis may have more iconic scenes in which she does some good for Claire, she eventually has the same contempt for Claire for ruining her plans as Georgina has for Catherine for taking away Peter’s attention.

Religion and religious morality are very important to Archie on The Great. His religious righteousness dictates everything that he does. He does, however, respect Catherine’s fervor and spirit, even if it doesn’t always align with the way he’s trying to lead his life.

Tom Christie is one of the most religiously strict characters to come into the Outlander world so far. He is tight-laced, often disapproving of different people–even Claire, at times. But, after a time and with perspective, he respects Claire’s integrity. He is, admittedly, much less conniving than Archie.

Aunt Elizabeth is unlike any other character on The Great. She is a free spirit who lives a whimsical life–even if there is pain beneath it all. She also has mystical abilities, controlling butterflies on command. She offers some of the most sage advice on the show as well.

As someone who has visions of the future, Margaret Campbell has that same mystical nature. When she’s allowed to be herself and finds love, she has the same carefree attitude as Elizabeth. Because of her premonitions, she is also able to advise people on what they should do.

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